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LordVan_is there anything I need to set up for PDF attachment preview in tryton (latest client)09:42
LordVan_it just stays blank09:42
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cedkLordVan_: you need Evince11:22
LordVan_i wasn'T aware there was a windows version *goes and looks*11:23
cedkLordVan_: it does not work on windows for now11:24
LordVan_cedk, it would be nice to display a quick note about needing evince instead of the empty preview pane imho (and the effort should be minimal)11:24
LordVan_hmm yean it stays gray for me too11:25
LordVan_cedk, do you know the reason for why it doesn't work yet? if not i can investigate in the next few days a bit to see if I can find something11:26
cedkLordVan_: we need the evince project to accept:
LordVan_ah ok then we just wait for them to do that11:28
LordVan_(and hope they will)11:28
cedkabout dependency, the problem is that it can not be expressed in the because it is not a python deps11:30
cedkand also we hope that we could use more backend in the future so evince will just be one of the dependency11:31
cedkLordVan_: for the PR, you may vote to increase the chances11:32
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LordVan_cedk, i was just going to ask if alternatives are considered11:43
LordVan_i can upvote it .. i forgot if I have an account htere gotta check later (but my Gnome developer times were long before git ^^)11:44
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LordVan_I wonder if it would be possible to use the browser PDF plugins within tryton12:14
cedkLordVan_: I do not want to embed a browser in tryton, better to use then sao12:25
LordVan_cedk, nah i meant if the browser plugin dll could be embedded somehow12:27
LordVan_but i have to say i have no idea how those work exactly these days12:27
LordVan_if we had a browser we could use PDF.js XD12:28
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cedkpokoli: hi, could you fill the superserder when you close an issue for duplication like that there is a link created13:33
pokoli cedk: Should I set the superseder of the new or the old issue?13:40
cedkpokoli: the new one is superseded by the old one13:43
pokolicedk: ok will do13:47
mrichezhi, in previous question about customizing language for user interface, suggestion was to extend  User._get_preferences to change the locale for the user. (
mrichezhow are used monetary formats as they are not defined in res['locale'] ? (grouping, decimal_point, thousands_sep)14:27
cedkmrichez: I do not think the client format differently monetary and others14:30
mrichezcedk: even if it's an amount field ?14:35
cedkmrichez: there is not amount field14:38
mrichezcedk: i mean a field with a price (so it use default number format and not monetary format ?)14:40
cedkmrichez: the client does not known it is a monetary14:43
mrichezcedk: ok, thanks14:43
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