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LordVan_cedk, i got a question about product kit code customization .. you got a few minutes?07:58
LordVan_I want to add some customization to the code that adds the components as (sale) lines but am unsure how this whole mixin stuff works and how i'd add it08:20
pokoliLordVan_: just ask the questions here an somebody will answer if available08:22
LordVan_i just did haha08:22
LordVan_i just want to hook into the code where the components get added as lines and i am really unsure as to how to accomplish that08:22
pokoliLordVan_: the module already creates sale lines when quoting08:23
LordVan_pokoli, i know that08:23
LordVan_but i need extra logic08:23
LordVan_to fill in a custom field of mine based on the contents of that same custom field on the "parent" part08:23
LordVan_but that is a mixin class returned from a method08:24
LordVan_maybe this is more a python question than a tryton one08:24
LordVan_but how would I "replace" or extend this08:24
LordVan_or coul di just make my own get_component on SaleLine08:25
LordVan_and it would use that?08:25
pokoliLordVan_: if you want it for sales, you just extend the method on the sale class08:27
LordVan_ok so that would work08:28
LordVan_i was going to try that but was real unsure if that would work nor not08:28
pokoliLordVan_: if you want for all the Mixin instances you can use register_mixin:
LordVan_nah only need it for sales08:28
LordVan_i will read up about mixins at some point though .. seems an interesting concept (That i honestly do not fully understand yet)08:28
pokoliLordVan_: it's an easy way to share code between several models08:29
LordVan_yeah but i do not yet know how the implementation works,..08:30
LordVan_pokoli, so I would just add a get_component method there
LordVan_would I need some decorators though? like fields,. ?08:31
LordVan_cuz i think i'D need @fields.depends('folder_no') since that is the field iw ant to copy08:35
LordVan_though I am not sure if I really need it?08:36
pokoliLordVan_: sorry but I'm lost08:43
LordVan_I was just wondering if i needed to add @fileds.depends('<my custom field') before def get_component08:45
LordVan_or if in this case i do not need it08:45
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pokoliLordVan_: depends is just used for on_change08:51
LordVan_ok then i don'T need it.08:51
LordVan_i really need to look into how the decorators,.. are used at some point08:52
LordVan_[when i have time]08:52
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LordVan_with latest releases I noticed that when a record that is opened is duplicated the client does not swap to the new record anymore as it used to. Is there a way to change this back as I found it super useful?11:44
pokoliLordVan_: this is a bug that is already fixed, it's just missing the backport11:44
LordVan_[looking through the changelogs atm but i don'T know what exactly to look for so ^^11:44
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