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LordVanpokoli, I found the easiest/most straightforward way to do what I needed with sale lines that are kits:
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LordVangot a question14:43
LordVanI am trying to set a default accounting category14:43
LordVanbut def default_account_category(cls): ... return Pool().get('product.category').search([('name', '=', 'MWSt'), ('accounting', '=', True)])[0]14:46
LordVandoes not work14:46
LordVanwhat do i need to return for a many2many?14:46
LordVanas default i mean14:46
LordVannm found it14:53
LordVanI had to add .id14:53
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LordVananyone here familiar with how (internally) delivery notes and invoices are created?17:26
LordVannever mind i figured out what my issue was17:38
LordVannow I gotta find out how to customize the delivery note / invoice generation (i do want to use custom fields as text there)17:39
LordVanO.o ok the whole stock shipment stuff is more complex than I had anticipated .. guess I'll mostly be reading code today still ^^17:59
LordVanquestion .. is there a problem with going back to draft state to make some changes once state is processing ?19:29
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