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LordVancedk, a quick question before I report an issue .. when adding a kit to a sale the expansion,.. all works great, except for one thing .. the uom (which is set to "Set" or "Garnitur" (just a name we use for kits basically) that is of category unit ) is always set to the category itself and not taken from the product07:19
LordVanlike i got kit ABC with uom "Set" .. assigned to a sale line it becomes "Stück" (unit)07:20
LordVanis there something i could've done wrong when creating my custom uom or a bug?07:20
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LordVanthe values on the detaisl for the uom are exactly the smae as for "Stück" (unit) just different names07:21
pokoliLordVan: the sale uom of the component product is used on the sale lines07:36
pokoliLordVan: not the parent one07:36
LordVanpokoli, but07:39
LordVanlet me clarify07:39
LordVanwhen I am on the dialogue to add a sale line and select the product07:40
LordVanright then and there07:40
LordVanit shows "STück" not set07:40
LordVannot when it expands components or anything07:40
LordVannow i am not even sure if it is kit/component related07:40
LordVanas i never used anything but "Stück" for other articles until product_kit was added07:40
LordVanlet me do more tests07:41
pokoliACTION does not understand anything07:49
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LordVanpokoli, no worries I will investigate and see if I can find out what the problem is and if there is a (suspected) bug I will report it13:18

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