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mrichezhi, can i do a sum in a domain ? something like this:  domain=[('quantity', '<=', Eval('move_quantity') + Eval('location_quantity'))]   or should i use a function field to do calculation and then Eval this function field ?08:21
cedkmrichez: you can not08:30
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mrichezcedk : ok so Function field08:30
cedkmrichez: PYSON is designed to not contain computation in order to enforce to have business logic in the code08:30
mrichezhi, wondering how to use tryton-filestore_gs with source code ? just need to put this file in trytond/trytond directory ?11:33
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cedkmrichez: the best is to install it in a venv12:15
mrichezcedk: ok but i'll try to create a filestore for Alfresco, so need to test12:16
cedkmrichez: make your own repository and install it with develop12:17
mrichezcedk: thanks for tip12:18
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mvan180anyone with the master plan... to have a Tryton develepment toolchain?16:40
mvan180where can I look for it?16:41
Piloumercurial (and the required extensions: hgnested, hgreview - not sure about the last one), python and mysql/postgresql are required. I guess using Python virtual environments is a good practice.16:52
mvan180Wonderful, many thks Pulou16:54
Pilouhere there are "contribute-to-tryton" and "developing-on-trunk" which contains useful information too16:58
Pilou(i wrote "mysql" instead of "sqlite")17:01
Piloujust in case: there is a git mirror 17:04
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