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pokolicedk: are you working on a shopify integration? 08:21
pokoliWe have been working on it latetly:
pokolicedk: IIRC we used integer to simplify it08:23
pokolino, we use BigInteger:
cedkpokoli: link is not working08:25
cedkpokoli: BigInteger is not enough because it is signed08:26
pokolicedk: I made the repository public, you should be able to see it now. 08:26
pokoliI tought it was public already sorry08:26
pokolicedk: The module is tested by a customer right now. It's capable of pushing products, pulling orders and updating shipment state.08:28
cedkpokoli: I will take a look but it already looks quite similar to what I got08:31
pokolicedk: I guess there are some cleaning needed on our side and maybe making it a little bit more modular.08:32
cedkbut I planned to have different options about the sale workflow: for the shipment, payment etc.08:33
pokolicedk: If your plan is to upload a review for it, we will be happy to test and join efforts to make the switch08:33
pokolicedk: did you success to create a test suite for it? This is something that we are also missing08:34
cedkpokoli: I did not yet look at it. I'm still in design phase. That's why I was wondering about the uint6408:36
cedkI will probably upload something next week08:37
pokolicedk: great, we will give a test and give some feedback once you uploaded something08:39
pokolito be honest, this module has been done entirely by my teammate and he is in vacations this week :)08:40
cedkpokoli: I plan to support only private app, support multiple warehouses etc.08:45
cedkbut I do not see any status update for the payment?08:45
cedkpokoli: and did you considered webhook?08:46
pokolicedk: In our case orders are only confirmed when paid, so we simplified the payment part and just import the payment to have historical data08:47
pokoliWe have multiple warehouses on Tryton, not sure how we are managing that on Tryton 08:47
pokolimanging it on shopify*08:48
pokolicedk: We did not considered webhook for now. I have mixeed feeling with webhooks08:48
pokoliThey make thinks easier if everything works well, but we need someway to update the data if something goes wrong. So we stick to the cron job that does everything08:51
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