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mrichezHi, did someone faced the case to have a price unit with a different unit of stock unit ? I mean: our stock unit is : unit. but products are very small so price for 1 unit is ridiculous and with a lot of decimal. So sellers often provide a price for 1000 units (but quantity sold is with uom unit). On sale report, it would be: Product A - Quantity: 1750000 Unit - Price: 2,5€/1000Unit to avoid having 0,0025€/unit07:07
cedkmrichez: it sounds like a display issue only07:22
cedkso you could replace the format_currency with your own way to add the factor07:24
cedkor even extend format_currency to multiple by factor depending on the number of digits07:24
mrichezcedk: that was my idea... (and adding unit used next to the price) but i prefer asking for suggestions before applying my custo :-)07:25
cedkindeed just like we discussed on the issue about adding a format with symbol, we could maybe have a format currency per symbol07:26
mrichezcedk: but it is not always the case (i mean (in our case) we use only a specific display for some products having unit as uom and displaying price for 1000 units) This display doesn't apply for uom : Kg or when the unit price has less than x decimals07:29
cedkbut it is maybe over designed07:29
mrichezI thinkl it will stay as custo..07:31
cedkI think the best option is to extend format_currency to check digits parameter07:36
mrichezcedk: ok07:43
mrichezcedk: but in format_currency, i don't know uom 07:48
cedkI think you do not care about uom07:49
mrichezcedk: maybe i'll define a new function with uom as parameter that call then format_currency (after updated price with a factor if needed)07:50
cedk0.0025 with 4 digits -> 2.5€/100007:50
cedkwe do not usually display unit next to unit price in report07:51
mrichezcedk: ok but on my report quantity is display with uom : unit and price will be xxx€/100007:51
mricheznot the same unit07:51
cedkwhy not the same?07:54
mrichezbecause we sell by unit (to avoid have decimals if unit is /1000 and we don't sell by 1000 and to avoid confuse with suppliers). So we sell 17856423 Units but we prefer to give a price for /1000 instead of having a ridiculous price by unit07:59
cedkmrichez: yes that what my proposal does08:02
mrichezcedk: ? so i need to put the unit next to the price : here's  an example:
pokolijohnf: which kind of features are you searching on third party modules? If the feature is generic enought it will be better to add on source code. 08:25
pokolimrichez: this is just format_price you don't care about the unit 08:27
pokoli0.0025kg is also 2.5/100008:27
pokoliYou just need to take care of adding the currency simbol after /100008:27
mrichezi'll made tests... thanks cedk and pokoli !08:30
cedkI would not add the currency symbol after /1000 but '2.5€/1000' + unit08:31
mrichezcedk: yes better08:32
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johnfthanks everyone for providing the links.14:07
johnfpokoli:  since I am just starting out I'm not sure.  But I would like a drop ship feature, returns.  Also an interface to some shipping.14:33
cedkjohnf: if you want to sale with drop shipment, check
cedkjohnf: what do you mean by "interface to some shipping"?14:36
johnfcedk:  These days apps like shipstation, shippit, and others handle shipping product via UPS, FedEx, USPS, and others.  They handle freight charges etc.. 14:39
cedkjohnf: see the package shipping modules:
johnfcedk: there is a rough interface for shipping apps (Fundamentals to interact with shipping services)? Have you interfaced to any of the shipping apps?14:44
cedkjohnf: I do not understand the question. What do you name "shipping apps"?14:45
johnfThere are really good programs that handle shipping issues - one would be shipstation, an other shippit.14:47
johnf -  a quick look will explain what I am talking about.14:48
cedkjohnf: this seems overlapping with Tryton14:49
johnfI'm not sure what tryton is able to do.  So I will agree if you say so.14:50
cedkjohnf: the aim of Tryton is to integrate all the requirements to run a business14:55
cedkso usually we make integration for external services but rarely with other end user software14:56
johnfThat's great and the main reason I am trying find out more and have installed it.14:57
johnfcurrently I setup a venv where I start my trytond on one terminal, and then open a second one and start tryton.  Is that a good way to do dev work or is there a better one?15:44
cedkjohnf: that's mainly how I work16:09

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