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mrichezhi, just testing sale_shipment_cost module. On a sale, if i choose Invoice Method: "on order processed" and Shipment Cost Method: "on shipment", should the shipment cost added on invoice when shipment is done? 12:55
cedkmrichez: try it?13:03
mrichezyes not working...13:03
mrichezwondering if state is correct here :
cedkmrichez: what is not working?13:06
mrichezmy shipment cost is not on the invoice... forget my previous line about state (state is "sent" in sale, but "done" on shipment) anyway invoice line concerning shipment is not created (tests done in version 6.0)13:07
mricheztested also on, no invoice for shipment (if shipment_cost_method is "on shipment"-13:10
cedkI think this is expected with such configuration13:12
cedkif you create the invoice when the order is validated, there is no shipment yet done so there is no cost computed13:12
cedkso for me the system works as expected13:13
mrichezindeed, but i thought shipment cost are added to invoice when shipment is done ? 13:13
mrichezor shipments cost should generate another invoice13:14
mrichezso why adding shipment costs ?13:14
mrichezyes it's for margin but for invoicing too 13:15
cedkindeed create_invoice does not create an invoice only for the shipment cost13:17
mrichezcedk: bug or feature ?13:18
cedkbut I don't like to create an invoice in sub-module13:22
cedkI'm wondering if we should not have a unique constraint par sale on shipment_cost13:23
cedkand compute the shipment cost invoice line in _get_invoice_line_quantity also when the method is shipment13:24
cedkso it would be a new behavior13:24
mrichezanother question about this module: 2 fields are visible on shipment form  after carrier : cost and cost_sale... cost_sale is used on the invoice and cost is for the margin. but cost_sale will be on the invoice only if cost is not zero. It could be possible to have a shipment "free" cost and invoice something to customer, no ?13:33
cedkyes this is probably a mistake and cost_sale should be tested13:36
mrichezcedk: it's here, shipment should have a cost: . Could this test bypassed ?14:28
cedkmrichez: I guess yes if get_cost_invoice_line does not return a line for 014:40
mrichezcedk: if no cost_sale no line is returned :
cedkmrichez: so I think the test should be removed14:46
mrichezcedk: ok14:47

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