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mrichezHi, need some help with an error when creating new object from a model: AttributeError: '' object has no attribute 'items'09:37
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mrichezdon't know which is "_reco" 09:37
pokolimrichez: could you post (using pastebin or similar) the full traceback? 09:58
mrichezpokoli: and my code:
mrichezpokoli: problem is setting default values on wizard10:03
mrichezpokoli: working when doing this :
udonomrichez: did you try with:  for in self.record.lines …?10:48
mrichezudono: no.. but after i need attributes on line... and don't know why it's working this way:
mrichezudono: it seems i can't have an instance of Line 10:52
udonomrichez: you already tried with 'line':
cedkmrichez: I do not think default method on wizard support to use instances10:54
mrichezudono: yes10:54
mrichezcedk: would be explanation :-)10:55
cedkI guess you should call _changed_values10:55
udonoups, sorry wrong channel :-)10:59
mrichezcedk: thanks12:40
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