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mrichezhi, i'm doing some tests to migrate a 5.8 version with data to 6.2. Got some errors linked to incoterms... ERROR trytond.convert Could not delete id 1 from model incoterm.incoterm.12:47
mrichezThere may be a relation that points to this resource that must be manually fixed before restarting the update.12:47
mrichezShould also incoterms xml file have a 'noupdate="1"' like for this issue
pokolimrichez: you can ignore delete errors from migration. Did you find duplicated data on your migrated database?12:53
pokolimrichez: I do not think we will never update incoterms, but just add new records if a new version is published12:54
mrichezpokoli: yes data were duplicated. I'm doing test again.12:54
pokolimrichez: i guess this is because you installed on 5.8 a development version and xml_ids changed12:55
pokoliThe easier is to update the xml_ids on to match the one ones of the published module12:55
pokolithen tryton won't duplicate it but keep the correct link12:56
mrichezpokoli: thanks, i'll try that12:56
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mrichezpokoli: indeed model was incorrect in (it was my custom model)13:07
pokolimrichez: that will explain why the id is not found so the data is duplciated. Fixing the model should fix your issue13:20
mrichezpokoli: that's what i did. Working now :-)13:21

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