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LordVancedk, thanks that's what I gathered from reading the source. no real issue though (except that some people do not like missing numbers but well there is a simple solution: make less mistakes have less missing numbers XD)10:03
LordVanIf I want to copy the sale reference to a shipment reference on creation I should do that in Sale.create_shipment - correct?12:12
pokoliLordVan: _get_shipment_sale12:17
pokoliLordVan: but with sale_shipment_grouping it is possible to group multiple sales into a single shipment12:17
LordVanpokoli, we do not intend to group shipments for simplicity reasons12:19
LordVanpokoli, that seems simple enough .. so I just call Sale._get_shipment_sale(Shipment, {'reference': self.reference }) (not in this shortened form ofc ^^12:30
pokoliLordVan: you get the shipment from super call and set the new values needed (reference in your case)12:31
LordVanpokoli, yeah prolly better that way around i guess ^^ will try. thanks12:32
cedkLordVan: shipment reference is used for the carrier shipping reference12:36
cedkLordVan: copying such data is most of the time a bad idea12:36
LordVancedk, 90% of the time customers pick up their goods or we deliver them ourselves so in our case this should be just fine12:37
LordVancedk, or do you mean it would be better if I made an extra field instead in case we may in the future want to use it for things like UPS reference,.. ?12:38
cedkLordVan: I mean it is often a bad idea to copy static data12:43
cedkLordVan: on shipment you have the sale list so you can add a Function field that compute all the references12:43
LordVancedk, true .. well to be honest I only was considering copying it to show it in the shipment list so that it is easy to find certain orders shipments there12:45
LordVancedk, but what you say makes a lot more sense of course .. I'm going to have to look into how a Function field like that would work as I haven't really usedthem yet (i read some code but never tried it myself)12:45
LordVanassuming i can addd a function field to shipment_out_tree12:47
cedkLordVan: the origins field on Invoice could be an inspiration12:47
LordVancedk, thanks12:48
cedkLordVan: also do not forget that you have the relate on shipment that point to the sales12:48
cedkand vis-versa from the sale to shipments12:48
LordVancedk, I do know about that, but we just want it shown in the shipment_out_tree list12:49
cedkLordVan: maybe but I do not get the point, such reference is meaningless. The information are on the related document12:51
cedkfor me this sounds like frequent requests from unexperimented users who are pointless once you know the software12:51
LordVancedk, i fully agree, but that doesn'T mean that the people who have been doing stuff in spreadsheets for many decades don'T want to have a similar list as they used to12:51
cedkwhen a customer requests to me such thing, I really do all I can to not implement it12:52
LordVanand since showing an extra column is not hard i do not really want to spend 10 times more time to explain it12:52
LordVancedk, there are other things that are more of an issue that i am being more insistent on but this is something simple so I am willing to humor them for now12:52
cedkI do because customization will need to be maintained forever so I prevent to spend once some time than a recurring cost12:53
LordVancedk, well it is our internal system not for a customer so my "customer" is my boss .. ^^12:53
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LordVanhow/where are those relates defined btw? 13:31
LordVanah nm in the xml13:33
LordVanhmm is there a method already to get all sales associated with a shipment? or do I need to just get all sales related to the moves?13:34
LordVansince from what I can see i'd need to get all the outgoing moves for the shipment, then the corresponding sale lines and in turn the sales for them correct?13:36
LordVanalthough .. if i do that in a function field that is displayed in the shipment tree .. and there are a lot of entries that would be quite a performance issue i think ...13:40
LordVani'D be potentially be checking thousands of moves, sale lines,..13:40
LordVanespecially if done in python code with some loops13:41
LordVani think i will actually just make a char field that gets filled on creation of the shipment to avoid performance issues in the future. but thanks anyway13:55
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