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brokencycleHi! I am trying to get started with Tryton, but don't have much luck, yet.14:38
brokencycleI've entered a company and want to associate a chart of accounts with it.14:39
brokencycleSo, I click on Financial -> Configuration -> Templages -> Create Chart of Accounts from Template,14:40
brokencycleselect the company and a sample chart of accounts. Then I get14:40
brokencycle"You try to bypass an access rule (Document type: account.account.type)14:40
brokencycleI am the admin user in the system. This is Tryton 5.0 on Debian Bullseye14:41
brokencycleOk. Fixed it in the user's privileges menue.14:50
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pokolicedk: does require any package install in windows? 14:53
pokolibrokencycle: I think you need to reaload your settings. CLosing and reopening the client should fix that14:53
brokencycle+pokoli: thanks, will try115:01
mrichezhi, wondering why is there no method "def multivalue_model(cls, field)" here :
cedkpokoli: you need evince15:28
cedkmrichez: because there is a default behavior to construct the model name15:30
pokolicedk: I only find the 2.32 version for windows which dates for 2011. Amb I missing something? 15:34
mrichezcedk: ? 15:37
cedkpokoli: normally the evince dlls are in the build15:45
pokoliacaubet: can you confirm the feature does not work in windows? 15:46
pokolimrichez: the default implementation of the multivaluemodel returns the __name__, field combination:
pokolimrichez: so if the model used matches this pattern there is no need to override the method15:48
pokolijust when the value is diferent from the default15:48
acaubetcedk: pokoli: does not work, I just installed on Win10 and using demo tryton server and only the separation and filename is shown in the right column, the preview is missing.16:08
cedkacaubet: If I remember correctly, it works only for PDF on Windows16:21
acaubetcedk: yes, that's what I tried in invoices16:22
cedkacaubet: just remmeber that evince does not work on Windows because it is missing
acaubetcedk: tnks16:29
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mrichezSorry, i was away, thanks cedk and pokoli for your answers17:16
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