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cedkGoogle is fucking up again. The Oauth of rietveld is broken07:58
cedkthis may be linked to the fact that I deleted the old project (it was costing 7$ per month for nothing)07:58
cedkI think I fixed the problem, rietvled instance was still using the OAuth of former project08:11
pokolicedk: I get an error: Error 401: deleted_client The OAuth client was deleted.08:18
cedkpokoli: I think you must clear the browser cache to refresh the login session08:18
pokolicedk: same error08:23
pokolicedk: I removed everything and relogged to my review account08:23
pokolicedk: indeed I can login from the browser but not using upload.py08:24
pokolicedk: i get the error whenever I open the following page:
cedkpokoli: strange it is working for me09:41
pokolicedk: which domain are you using? 09:42
pokoli ?09:42
cedkha now it is no more working again09:43
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cedkI think it is working again10:25
cedkthe subtility is that additional_client_ids must be set with at least the client_id10:25
acaubet(production) Is there any reason to now allow planned date to be modified while I'm on running? Why I need to go to back to draft to edit? The planned start date is normal, but It could be planned for yesterday and finally be late and plan end for tomorrow. It's a missing feature?10:26
pokolicedk: works now. Thanks!10:41
cedkacaubet: when it is running, there is nothing to plan any more10:47
pokolicedk: the output of the products may be replaned to tomorrow in case today have not been finished. THis is the production end date11:25
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cedkpokoli: I do not understand the goal12:13
acaubetcedk: The goal is to not generate a new production request (stock_supply_production) as normally product A can be done in 8 hours, but for x cause, it can not be done for the next 2 days (as we are bussy), so we started today but we need to edit the planned date to not generate a new request12:18
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cedkacaubet: I think it is normal that the system suggest a new request if you are late12:28
acaubetthe company is bussy, not late, so tryton is generating another item in the task list12:29
cedkacaubet: they are late if they did not finish for the planned date12:30
pokolicedk: imagine the following case. I have a planed shipment for today, that i need to produce (so tryton generates a new production for today). I can not finish the production for today, but I can finish it tomorrow. So I update the production planned date to tomorrow12:38
pokoliOnce we are on tomorrow, tryton will replan the shipment and as we have the production planeed for tomorrow will not generate a new one12:38
pokoliif we do not update the production end date a new production request will be generated when there is an already running one that will be finished today 12:39
cedkI guess the reschedule task could update the planned date for late production to today and we allow to edit the planned date in running state13:05
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