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LordVanHi. I sometimes have a problem, where when a delivery for a partially completed order is marked as packed tryton does not automatically generate the delivery note for the remaining articles (which it normally does). I've been trying to figure out as to why that could happen, but see nothing in the logs,.. any ideas?06:30
cedkLordVan: if you have sale_shipment_tolerance this may be normal06:35
cedkLordVan: otherwise is the sale considered as shipped?06:35
cedkLordVan: do you use workers?06:35
LordVani don't have sale_shipment_tolerance activated06:36
LordVannor any production modules06:36
LordVanit is just odd because 90% of the cases it does create the next delivery already just sometimes it does not do that without any errors or anything in the logs.. and when I then go and process manually (as admin) it creates the delivery without problems06:37
cedkLordVan: for me it looks like a worker issue06:50
cedkdepending the version workers are or not retried06:50
LordVan6.2.0 atm06:52
LordVanI plan to upgrade06:52
cedkLordVan: on this version workers should retry06:56
LordVanmaybe i'll just do the upgrade soon and hope that that solves it .. it only happens sporadically06:56
cedkbut if you do not have workers, it does not and just output in the log the error06:57
LordVanyou mean the new version will do that?06:58
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cedkLordVan: no 6.2 already does that07:06
LordVanok well i got no errors in my log it just doesn'T do it but as i said i have no production modules installed or do you not mean production workers?07:06
cedkLordVan: I mean the trytond-worker07:07
LordVanah ok07:07
LordVanwell I plan to upgrade anyway so i'll see if that helps if not i will have to see about debugging it07:08
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