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mrichezhi, related to issue "Adding currency on party" (, would it make sense to have also default party currency when creating a stock move on supplier/customer shipment ? Adding currency in the context of incoming_moves field ( and setting this currency as default when creating new move...07:50
cedkmrichez: I do not see a use case07:57
cedkmrichez: this field should never be filled by user07:57
mrichezcedk: when adding manually a shipment stock move, default currency is company currency which is not the supplier/customer currency07:58
cedkmrichez: in which case? if you do not have a purchase order, you do not have neither a price08:12
mrichezcedk: we have some cases we have to correct shipment to add missing receive products  with correct price to apply then landing costs on correct shipment (ok it's an exception)08:18
mrichezand we need to have such move to have a correct cost price (average method) 08:19
cedkmrichez: I guess it will not hurt but I suspect it is going to be complicated08:20
mrichezcedk: indeed (we have a lot of complicated cases in our business we need not discuss)08:22
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mrichezhi, got a problem with a pyson test in context attribute of  a function field, it seems "If" test is true and then i get an AttributeError : If(Bool(Eval('supplier')), Eval('supplier', {}).get('supplier_currency', -1), -1)14:47
mrichezany idea ?14:47
cedkmrichez: normally you can not access attribute of many2one17:27
mrichezcedk: ok, then i'll try with a function field. Thanks!18:12
cedkmrichez: if it is inside a One2Many, you can use _parent_supplier but it will not work if the record is edited outside the One2Many18:33
mrichezcedk: it's about this field : for issue 1151218:35

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