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semarieI have a problem with account_payment_clearing and account_statement with some "old" payments groups: I am unable to validate the statement. But it might not be classical migration problem: payment was created with 6.4.0 version, and I am on ~6.4.1 (5c8c89ac4d10)07:34
semariethe backtrace is
semariebut I have differents errors on differents databases: KeyError: 'clearing_reconciled' / KeyError: 'party' / KeyError: 'kind'07:34
semariewhen creating new payment group, I am not able to reproduce (or I don't found the proper way)07:39
cedksemarie: it looks like the domain for related_to field is wrong08:11
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semariethe related_to string seems fine :,9608:52
cedksemarie: I mean the domain defined for the field09:28
semariewith trytond-console:09:33
semarie[('company', '=', Eval('company', -1)), ('currency', '=', Eval('currency', -1)), If(Equal(Eval('statement_state', ''), 'draft'), ('clearing_reconciled', '!=', True), ())]09:33
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LordVanhi. Is there any documentation (or samples even) on how to set up payment methods correctly for just the  "Minimal Account Chart" (that is included with tryton)?13:30
LordVani am not an accounting person so I am unsure how to select accounts/journals correctly  [we do not use tryton'S accounting, but i want the internals of tryton to work correctly of course)13:30
nicoeLordVan: the testing scenarios use the minimal account chart IIRC13:52
LordVannicoe, yes but the demo server has no payment methods defined either?13:56
LordVanand our bookkeeping person says she does not know how the minimal account chart and payment method definitions are meant in tryton 13:57
LordVanso I am kinda stuck .. all I want is mark invoices as  paid and not mess up the whole tryton internal accounting (that noone will look at for the forseeable future as we have our legacy bookkeeping software and that won'T change - at least not any time soon)13:58
LordVanwould it not make sense if the minimal account chart included at least a cash payment method by default?13:59
LordVanah wait testing .. I thought you had written demo .. let me check out the testinc scenarios later. thanks14:01
cedkLordVan: not all companies accept cash payment14:08
cedkbut the demo script could create some payment journal for the example14:09

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