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mrichezhi, i'm trying to customize sale model... what could makes client always asking to save even i don't change anything in my form ? 11:33
cedkmrichez: invalid computed value for Function field11:37
mrichezcedk: thanks :-)11:37
cedkmrichez: also there is a bug fixed but not yet released in sao 6.411:39
mrichezcedk: i'm using gtk client11:39
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pokoliwe are waiting for a bugfix release of sao because such bug is quite anoying 12:17
LordVanhmm regarding .. where is the demo data ? i can'T see it on repos anywhere? or am I just blind?12:21
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cedkLordVan: it is a script in tryton-tools12:55
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LordVanah thanks 13:24
semarieregarding my domain problem on validation (with account_payment_clearing), it seems it is searching 'clearing_reconciled' field on class 'trytond.pool.account.invoice'. my statement has 2 lines, one with related_to invoice, and another with related_to payment-group13:39
semarieI will look if having the problem is linked on the fact of having both13:40
semarieso if I am remove the related_to invoice, it is fine (and I am able to reconcile the invoice after the fact)13:49
semarieand if I am removing the related_to payment-group, it is fine too (but I should manually make payments 'succeed' to reconcile them)13:50
semarieI will look to open a proper issue13:50
semariebut I am happy to be able to make progress... I have several weeks of statements to validate now :)13:51
cedksemarie: so it seems clear that the domain definition is not valid14:41
cedksemarie: the standard module seems to define valid domain for related_to14:41
semariecedk: I have the behaviour if my statement have both payment-group and invoice in related_to. if I split my statement in two statements, it is fine. for now I wonder if a variable in a loop could be not reinitialized for example (value of previous step used in next step)15:05
semarie"my statement have both payment-group and invoice" => one statement-line with payment-group, and another statement-line with invoice15:06
cedksemarie: I think should fix it15:49
semariecedk: yes, it fixes it. thanks a lot.15:59
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