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mrichezWhen doing tests on 6.5 got this error screen:
mrichezit happens when trying to validate a supplier invoice07:48
mrichezok, working after creating period.. but error message is strange07:55
pokolimrichez: probably related to:
pokoliIIRC the USerERROR and UserWarning should be reaised to the clients08:06
mrichezpokoli: thanks for explanation08:07
mrichezpokoli: got also such error but 403 Forbidden when trying to apply a patch on 6.4 version (patch application is ok). But when testing with gtk client, got this error 403 and don't know what is the problem (permission problem) is it about database ? 08:12
pokolimrichez: normally 403 is related to doing a request to a method that does not exist08:13
mrichezpokoli: i'll check08:13
cedkI re-opened
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mrichezhi, got another problem. Doing a clean install of 6.4 locally (sqlite database). Activating purchase and landed_cost modules. When creating new landed cost and trying to select an invoice line, i get this error:11:56
mrichezsqlite3.OperationalError: no such column: a.taxes_deductible_rate11:56
mrichezi check database, column exists in table account.invoice_line11:58
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pokolimrichez: this is strange. Are you sure you are connecting to the right database? Could you share the full traceback? 12:37
mrichezpokoli: don't understand...
mrichezpokoli: clean sqlite database, clean trytond 6.4... 12:41
pokolimrichez: and if you perform and update all? 12:42
mrichezpokoli: same error after trytond-admin ... --all12:44
mrichezpokoli: easy to reproduce: activate purchase and landed_costs modules, just entering requested data's by the wizard12:44
mrichezpokoli: then opening landed cost et trying to select an invoice line12:45
pokolimrichez: it is strange because the traceback clearly shows that you doing a searhc on the model and the field eager loaded because it is registered on the pool12:47
pokoliso the update all should create it on the database. 12:47
pokoliUnless there is a bug somewhere that prevents it. But such bug should raise on all test suite12:48
mrichezpokoli: i checked the database and the field is there in invoice_line12:48
mrichezi'll retry on postgres database12:48
mrichezpokoli: it's working on postgres database13:25
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