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LordVanI want to fix some .. errors in the DB (user error ) and want to re-assign stuff from one party to another manually (in the DB) is there a reliable way to find *all* associations of a party with *anything* else?12:01
LordVan[and yes if i could avoid it i would but .. well]12:01
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pokoliLordVan: if you describe the party table you will see all the foregin keys of other tables13:01
pokoliLordVan: that will be enought to see on which tables the parties are used13:01
pokoliLordVan: BTW: We have a wizard to replace a party with another one. Maybe that is what you are looking for13:02
LordVanpokoli, thanks I did not notice the wizard yet. Will check it out.13:07
LordVanthe main reason why I asked this is because there are other things where there are links without FOREIGN KEYs (like sale, shipment,.. )13:08
LordVanI will look if the wizard replaces everything (even old sales -- not invoices just sales)13:08
pokoliLordVan: To make the wizard work correctly any module defining a party relation that should be replaced should extend the wizard to make it aware13:09
pokoliLordVan: all oficial modules have the extension already implemented13:10
LordVanok cool thanks. then I only need to add one thing for my custom field with extra contacts for a sale most likely13:10
LordVanbut I will first take a DB dump and do tests on the other machine ofc13:11
LordVanbtw when I try to view the contents of a file on I get 502 Bad Gateway13:14
LordVanbrowsing the directories,.. seems to work fine13:15
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