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mrichezhi, wondering if this 'outgoing_move' inside 'incoming_moves' is normal ?  08:10
mrichezsame happens line 23408:11
cedkmrichez: it looks like a mistake08:22
mrichezcedk: ok, i'll fix it08:26
acaubetI have a report with video from one customer that shows how a product that every refresh time is clicked the template name is switched between "Name A" and "Name B". Any hint? Maybe 2 caches and every refresh jumps between?11:13
acaubetevery time refresh is clicked*11:18
kpreisler[m]acaubet: you should set the value for "clean_timeout" in section "cache" of the trytond.conf to 0 or a very small value. this should prevent such issue11:24
cedkacaubet: there is probably 2 translations for the same product11:36
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mrichezhow to remove such message : 'WARNING trytond.convert Field p_sep_by_space of 1@ir.lang not updated (id: lang_en), because it has changed since the last update'13:00
cedkmrichez: sync data, I guess13:08
mrichezalready done13:08
cedkwhat are the difference that detect?13:09
mrichezcedk: how to know ?13:09
cedkmrichez: the form show both data13:10
mrichezcedk: In Administration->Models->Models->Data ? 13:13
mrichezok je vois13:16
mrichezcedk: ai pris le premier warning, les 2 textes sont identiques13:18
mrichezcedk: oups in english, both texts are identical13:19
cedkmrichez: OK so it is the value in the DB that is different13:26
cedkmrichez: the value is probably True or NULL instead of False13:27
mrichezcedk: in which table ?13:30
cedkmrichez: ir_lang13:32
mrichezcedk: indeed values are different 13:34
mrichezcedk: i think it's linked to one of our custo... thanks for help13:35
cedkmrichez: this can be modified by user13:39
mrichezcedk: ok13:39
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