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mrichezHi, in the client you can easily find a lot doing a relate on lot number and choosing "Locations List Quantity" to get all the locations and the quantities of this lot. How to do such thing in code ? We have a route for an api. User give the lot number, api should return locations and quantities (a sort of "Product_by_locations", but in this case it would be "Locations_by_lot" ;-) )07:12
cedkmrichez: you can use product_by_locations with grouping by lot and filtered by a list of lots07:14
mrichezcedk: ok thanks :-)07:15
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mrichezcedk: i did what you suggest with product_by_locations but i thought i'll have the locations with the quantities when doing products_by_location on storage zone with childs. I'm just getting the whole quantity. What i'm expecting is getting each locations with lot and the quantity (like for the relate)12:48
cedkmrichez: if you want to group by lot, you must add 'lot' to grouping12:52
cedkmrichez: like it is done in the stock_lot module test12:53
mrichezcedk: that's what i did 12:53
mrichezbut i'm doing products_by_location on storage_zone (because we have a lot of locations). Result i was expecting is each child location with lot quantity (like for the relate)12:55
mrichezcedk: here, i'm just getting storage_zone, product, lot  : quantity total12:55
mrichezcedk: i was hoping location1: qty1 , location2: qty2, ...12:57
cedkmrichez: you must pass the location_ids you want13:05
mrichezcedk: i don't know the locations... i could be in any location (2000 locations) .. so my question.. how to reproduce the relate that display locations and quantity on lot ? (is this relate doing a loop on each location ?)13:08
cedkmrichez: the view is only for 1 lot, so you can browse/search the location with the proper lot in the context13:09
cedkor you have to pass all the location ids if you want to search for many lots13:10
mrichezcedk: my search is for 1 lot13:10
mrichezcedk: which view are you talking ? 13:26
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mrichezcedk: ok, i think i've found13:43
mrichezcedk: yes :-)13:56
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