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pokoliIs there any reason why production_work_timesheet does not include timesheet costs as production cost? 08:49
cedkpokoli: there is no guarantee that timesheet are filled before the end of the production09:00
cedkand usually the time is included in the work cost09:01
pokolicedk: but the cost of the employee is not included in the cycle cost (we will not know who will do it)09:02
pokoliBut if its the timesheets are included we should include them on the costs09:02
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pokolianyway we should be able to recompute the costs if a timesheet line is included after the production is done09:06
cedkpokoli: I disagree because of the above reason09:06
pokolicedk: which reason? you give me two09:06
cedkpokoli: the one I just gave09:06
pokolicedk: which? time is included in work cost or timesheet is filled after the end of the production?09:07
cedkpokoli: both09:07
pokolicedk: do not understan the "time is included in the work cost" 09:09
pokoliOne production may involved a different work center and employee times. For example, when using an oven the employee time is just the preparation, checking and leaving time but the oven time is longer09:10
cedkpokoli: it does not care, the cost of the work is usually computed with employee cost included09:12
cedkif you want to have the timesheet included it must be an option09:12
pokolicedk: you can not assume that the user will enter the cost of work with employee cost included09:13
cedkand if you want to deal with the recomputation of the cost, you must solve the warning issue09:13
cedkpokoli: We do not assume, it is the user who assume09:14
pokolicedk: ok thanks for the explanations09:14
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mrichezhi, wondering if it is possible to have a unique sql constraint for a specific field value ? (for example, i have a model with a boolean field and there could be only unique "true" value) Or this check should be done in code?13:25
cedkmrichez: use Exclude with a where clause13:30
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mrichezcedk: thanks13:34
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mrichezCan i use Function fields in a model using a table_query ? 15:15
mrichezfor instance, in my query i select unit_price and quantity. Can i define a Function field amount in the model ?15:17
mrichezor to compute price in another currency15:20
cedkmrichez: yes but it can be expensive as table_query may be executed multiple times15:29
mrichezcedk: it 'll be used to export some data once a week.. Thanks15:57

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