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cedkudono[m]: what is the point to copy patches?08:47
udono[m]I need copies of the patches before you close the codereview.08:49
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cedkudono[m]: if it is not a merge request, then make a copy for yourself08:56
udono[m]cedk: Ok. Are you going to create a MR for ceryx?  08:56
cedkudono[m]: I do not know but please do not upload patches08:57
udono[m]It is easy to remove them, one a pr is done.08:59
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cedkudono[m]: it is a waste of resources09:08
cedkalso at some point stalled patches must die09:14
udono[m]So I just close my open issues?09:18
cedkudono[m]: I do not know, are you going to work on it?09:20
udono[m]In would like. But I am getting unsure, after our talking.... (full message at <>)09:31
cedkudono[m]: but please do not use the bugtracker as your personal backup09:40
udono[m]yes, I will not use the bug tracker for my personal backups.09:45
cedkand by the way, the codereview will not be lost just the access will be restricted09:46
cedkit is mainly to save cost09:47
udono[m]cedk: I can access my reviews after February?09:48
udono[m]and others09:48
cedkudono[m]: probably09:48
cedkbut again, do not treat codereview as your personal backup09:49
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