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htgoebelGood morning09:37
htgoebelI prepared the association module for inclusion into the mono repo.09:37
htgoebelNow this was (and still is) a git repo. How can I easily integrate this into the mono repo while keeping the commit history for now as a reference until the review is done.09:37
htgoebelOf course, if the review/change history is not to be kept, I'd simply create a single commit09:37
cedkI think you better keep it outside09:51
cedkfor now I do not think I will find time to review it09:52
htgoebelced: I don't understand.09:54
htgoebelMaybe you could upload the current state of the development as a draft (drafts are not mergeable).09:54
htgoebelThat way it won’t be lost and other can also help on your topic.09:54
htgoebelQuote from
htgoebelThis is what I want to do09:55
htgoebelSo I need to know technical details09:56
cedkhtgoebel: I do not see the point of a draft, except spend everyone bandwith09:57
cedkand it is already "saved" in a repository somewhere10:02
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htgoebelcedk: This is not a draft since it has been in review already, It' a submission13:22
pokolihtgoebel: which is the state of the work? Is the module working? Is the tryton tests passing? Is something missing to be implemented?13:50
pokolihtgoebel: if there is somethign missing, do you plan to work on it? 13:51
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cedkI must say that I stopped to follow the discussion because too much was features were discussed at the same time14:22
cedkfor me this usually result in too much bloat for a standard module14:22
htgoebelpokoli: FMPOV this module (as of my gitlab mirror) is ready for a serious review for inclusion. Concepts are documented, features are implemented, tests are passing AFAIKS, coverage is okay. And my plan is to work on this to get it finished at last.15:35
htgoebelcedk: Understood, discussion was long (both in duration and content).15:35
htgoebelcedk: I'll read the discussion again this weekend and may come with a proposal next week.15:35
cedkhtgoebel: and I will not read before many months I guess15:39
htgoebelcedk: Anybody you can delegate this task to?15:42
cedkhtgoebel: you see many people reviewing and maintaining code?15:45
htgoebelACTION apologizes for all the typos, I have a new keyboard, which I still need to learn16:11
htgoebelcedk: Well, my idea is to agree on a smaller feature set, which would be easier to review. Is this the way to go?16:14
cedkhtgoebel: of course16:18
htgoebelcedk Fine, thanks, Have a nice weekend16:19
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