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xt0phHi, is thers a way to show a @property field in unittest ?08:27
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cedkhtgoebel: WTF you closed all my merge request09:38
cedkshould we remove developer access to people breaking other works?09:41
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pokolihtgoebel: WTF you closed all my merge request 10:09
htgoebelcedk: sorry for thism this was not intentes10:09
htgoebelcedk: I just pushed my repo, where I did not touch these parts10:10
cedkhtgoebel: you did10:10
htgoebelcedg: I just pulled with -u, added my topic and puched.10:12
cedkhtgoebel: no you pruned all those other topics10:12
htgoebelcedk:  I followed the workflow as descioted on heptapod. It did not mention anything about primimg10:14
htgoebelcedk: even the topic tutorial does not — checked just a view weels ago10:15
htgoebelcedk: I was wondering about pruning already, but the topic tutorial does not mention it10:16
cedkpruned using prune by Hartmut Goebel <> (Sun Jan 08 16:06:18 2023 +0100)10:16
htgoebelcedk: What is this? Do you want to show I'm guildy? Either accept my appolices or let it be.10:19
cedkhtgoebel: it is the obslog10:20
htgoebelcedk: You'd rather improve the tutorial and FAQ to avoid this is happening again.10:21
cedkhtgoebel: patch is welcome10:21
cedkI have difficulties to accept your appologies as you seem to say that you did nothing wrong10:22
htgoebelcedk: I did the best to my knowledge — and given that I'm not a newbie this is quite a lot10:24
htgoebelcedk: Maybe I tried the effect of prunig on my own repo. But why can this effect the central one? I never told mercuial to prune anything there.10:28
cedkhtgoebel: you did by pushing10:30
htgoebelcedk: IC. hg seem to be dangeroud10:32
htgoebelno punn intended10:32
pokolihtgoebel: did you rebase you changes on top of default branch? 10:33
htgoebelcedk: Anyhow, how can I solve this? Will pull -u restore the pruned changesets?10:33
cedkhtgoebel: I already did10:34
htgoebelpokoli: I created the new topic from scratch just before pushing. Imorted it from the original git clone10:36
pokolihtgoebel: but you should create the topic from latest default branch or from and old clone? 10:38
htgoebelcedk: So when I do pull -u, this will avoid another push to remove them again — I just want to be sure about this10:38
cedkhtgoebel: yes if you do not run prune again10:38
htgoebelpokoli: As I did pull -i just before, I expect this to be from latest default10:39
htgoebelcedk: Glad to here.10:40
pokolihtgoebel: before pushing it will be great if you check what to push using hg out 10:40
pokoliyou should just see a single commit there10:40
cedkhtgoebel: any way, you should always check with `hg out`10:40
cedkalso always better to push with `--rev .`10:40
htgoebelI did not know this command, Thx, will keep it in mind10:41
htgoebelpokoli: re the mr: I'll follow your advice, will histedit when pushing the next chages10:56
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cedkdo not think histedit should be used in standard workflow11:07
htgoebelcedk: Simply tell me how you want this.11:23
htgoebelWhen I was maintaining pyinstaller, I preferred to have changes in several commits in the merge-request.11:23
htgoebeldepending on the kind of MR squashed them to a single one when merging — depending on the kind of MR of course, like a new module.11:23
cedkusually MR are just simple changes so they must be a unique commit12:06
cedkalso mercurial/heptapod is better than git/github because commit edition can still be reviewed12:06
cedkso there is no point to make a lot of commits during the review, amend is preferred12:07
mrichezhi, got this error AttributeError: 'tzfile' object has no attribute 'key' when going to Administration->Scheduler->Actions -> When first time opening an action12:51
mrichezproblem is when we use the fallback import instead of zoneinfo :  from import gettz as ZoneInfo12:55
mrichezi'll open an issue12:58
pokoliyangoon: where should I report an issue with the debian tryton packages? 12:59
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cedk_mrichez: when putting link in the bug tracker, use permalink14:01
mrichezced: ok14:01
mrichezcedk: how ?14:05
cedk_mrichez: there is a permalink button on source code navigator14:06
mrichezcedk: found :-)14:07
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pokolihtgoebel: standard workflow should be amend, histedit can be used to fix multiple commits that's why I suggested it on the MR but not as standard workflow14:44
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