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pokoliyangoon: on debian setup the logfiles are sharedbetween cron an uwsgi but only one process can write to the logs10:02
pokoliyangoon: I'm disabling the cron logs as we are only interested on the server ones, but AFAIU we should have one log file per process10:03
pokoliyangoon: the problem is that log file is not set as environment variable on trytond, so no logs are produced10:06
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pokoliyangoon: I fixed it by adding env=TRYTOND_LOGGING_CONFIG=/etc/tryton/trytond_log.conf on uwsgi.ini configuration10:27
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wifasoi[m]YaY, I'm not dead! and maybe i have some time to develop the association module once more. Anyway, can i ush on somebodyelse topic if i need to add change to a merge request?14:32
wifasoi[m](or is discouraged, not poddible?)14:33
nicoewifasoi[m]: you can but communication is key so you should talk with them, as far as I know nobody did it yet14:54
wifasoi[m]ok, i"ll contact goebel14:55
nicoewifasoi[m]: good that you're not dead too :)14:58
wifasoi[m]after creating a virtualenv with the dependecies, what are the next steps necessary to start the module tests?15:52
wifasoi[m]ohh in needed to run from the trytond older of the monorepo (thanks for the link)19:28
wifasoi[m]er .. thins is the third time.. I need a opinion from the core developers (in due time obvisly)19:33
wifasoi[m]i found out thath the MR is not the full association module, but just the basic functionality19:33
wifasoi[m]should i just cave in and split the module (the members book keeping and the memership management part)19:35
wifasoi[m]or keep ground and bush all the module in the MR?19:36
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