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pokolicedk: I want to cry when reading such comments:
cedkpokoli: this is because you care only about features and I care about maintance08:53
pokolicedk: what is the problem with importing symbols from the maintenance point of view?08:56
cedknew dependency08:56
cedkACTION tired to have to justify everything08:57
pokolicedk: I'm also tried to have to justify everything08:58
cedkas I'm the only one to maintain, I'm the one who choose for maintanance reason08:59
pokolicedk: I'm tryting to maintain but as we have different criteria I'm forced to maintain somewhere else09:01
cedkmaintanence is not adding ne stuffs09:01
pokolicedk: maintenaince is also fixing bug, isn't it?09:02
cedkon the opposite09:02
cedkno it is not fixing bugs09:02
cedkat least not your bugs09:02
pokolicedk: so what is and how can I do it? 09:04
cedkpokoli: take care09:04
pokolicedk: PLEASE EXPLAIN YOURSELF! Otherwise I can not understand09:04
cedkjust take your part of the load and stop questioning every of decisions09:08
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pokolicedk: we can not work as a team if we do not organize ourselves10:56
cedkpokoli: I do not understand you, I think we have already an organisation11:00
cedkindeed I think you want something that is impossible which is to know in advance if your work will be accepted11:01
pokolicedk: we are talking of maintenance11:18
pokolicedk: I can not take my port of the load If I do not not what is my part11:18
pokolibecause what I'm already doing it is not my part for you 11:19
cedkpokoli: well there are more than 700 open issues11:22
cedkand more than 30 MR to review11:23
cedkthere are big maintenance on sao:
cedkthere are GTK4 coming11:25
cedkthere are success stories to integrate11:25
cedkthere are documentation to complete11:26
cedkrandom CI failure to fix11:26
pokolicedk: ok, so how we distribute them?11:30
cedkpokoli: I do not understand11:31
cedkpokoli: ho OK, you take the GTK4 port11:31
cedkthat's what you want?11:31
cedkit will be great if I can distribute task to anybody like that11:31
pokolicedk: oh no. better we remove the GTK client and its another dependency that we do not need to maintain ;-)11:32
cedkACTION not in the mood for joke11:33
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pokolicedk: I do not think we can sucess if you take the responsability of all the tasks. So this means we need to find a way to distribute them12:20
pokolicedk: can we make a deal about sucess stories? I can integrate them but you need to promise me something12:30
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cedkpokoli: I stop talking now14:24
cedkI'm wasting my time and energy14:24
cedkyou never want to improve stuffs but just have a quick fix14:25
pokolicedk: on the other way arround, you never what to fix just have new features 14:26
cedkpokoli: I can not beleive you said THAT14:30
cedkThis is too much, I'm done14:31
cedkACTION away for ever14:31
pokolicedk: I can explain that sentence if you want 14:32
pokoliIt is all about 14:32
nicoeWYF has happend again?16:06
nicoeOMG I can't believe what I'm reading … it's the same shit again and again and again.16:29
nicoecedk: you have to accept that you're in a position where you have to justify some of your decisions. Having power over something comes with its burden, unless you want robots under your control, there will be people that don't think like you or don't understand you.16:32
nicoepokoli: you have to accept that sometimes cedk will make decisions that don't suit you, that he will change his mind and make mistakes and that sometimes something that was OK in the past is not OK anymore16:33
pokolinicoe: It has been like this for ages and I always accepted it16:41
pokoliBut at the end this does not SCALE, ced can not take care of everything as there is to much to do16:42
nicoeOf course it does not scale. That's why you should take something that bothers you and fix it. In the case of the bug 12103, I think the plan is quite clear in
nicoeWhy is forex-python acceptable in country_ro and not in currency? I don't know what's in cedk head but my idea is that it was added in country_ro before it was removed from currency.16:49
nicoeHow will it be handled in 6.0? I don't know.16:49
pokolinicoe: it does not make sense 16:49
nicoepokoli: what doesn't make sense?16:50
pokolinicoe: to implement a new feature on newer version to fix something that already worked and leave the previous version without working 16:51
pokolinicoe: altought if I implement what is requested I won't have the symbol set on the database so it won't work16:53
pokoliACTION spent more time discussing than creating the merge request and loading the data on the database16:54
nicoepokoli: First what doesn't work is a script filling a database. It's hardly something critical.16:55
pokolinicoe: filling that (currency symbol) that is used on almost all of the screens of the database16:55
pokolibecause now we always show the currency symbol after the amount when it is realated to a symbol16:56
pokolirelated to a currency16:56
pokoliit is also used on all reports, because we use format currency which also uses the symbol16:56
nicoeI know all that you don't have to explain it to me16:56
nicoeIt does not change the fact that it's not something critical16:57
nicoeAnd so second: "you have to accept that sometimes cedk  will make decisions that don't suit you". This conversation is when this part of my message kicks in.16:58
pokolinicoe: No i can just patch the script and leave with such patch forever16:58
nicoepokoli: Indeed, just do that I don't have an issue with that.16:59
nicoeBut don't expect that solution to be included just because it works for you17:00
pokolinicoe: I just included the code that was already there17:01
cedknicoe: forex-python is no more a dependency17:03
pokoliinstead of removing forex-python the best solution would be to contribute to forex-python so the currency data is downloaded from a trustable source? 17:04
nicoecedk: it's still an extra dependency of country_ro, just like it would be an extra dependency of currency following
cedknicoe: no it is not17:06
cedkand country_ro never used forex-python17:07
cedkas explained in the issue forex-python was never reliable17:08
nicoecedk: pokoli pointed to
cedkand currency symbol are no standard17:08
cedknicoe: that's not currency_ro17:09
pokolicedk: was not relealiable for currency rates, it is realiable for symbols17:09
pokolibut we do not longer want to have symbols17:09
nicoeOK I understand I thought it was currency_ro because the commit message is "Add Romanian" and I didn't check further17:09
cedkpokoli: if you do not want to have symbol, perfect implement my proposal17:11
pokolicedk: I will never have symbol for already released version, so your solution does not work17:12
pokolicedk: why you did not implement it when you removed the symbols? 17:12
pokoliIt was never supported?17:13
cedkI do no understand anything17:13
pokolicedk: how do you plan to load the symbols with your solution? Let me now17:14
pokolido I need to type them manually? 17:15
cedkpokoli: I do not as I explained symbol are not reliable nor standardized17:16
cedk3-code is better for business17:16
pokolicedk: then we need to do nothing, this is what is already implemented17:16
pokoli3-code is what is set on symbol so it is what is rendered as symbol17:17
pokolicedk: then your note is a separated issue which is: "Remove symbol from currency as it not reliable nor standarized"17:18
cedkpokoli: if you want close your issue and I will create a new one17:19
pokolicedk: feel free to create a new one, but that does not fix my issue17:20
cedkpokoli: make your mind that symbol are gone17:20
pokolicedk: of course, you can close it as one fix17:20
pokolicedk: maybe then I should go away with symbols also17:20
pokoliLife will be easier for all17:20
pokolicedk: and it won't be gone until the field is removed from the model ;-) 17:21
cedkACTION living Groundhog Day17:22
pokoliACTION out for today17:29
nicoepokoli: I don't understand you. Do you really want to leave because of one issue impacting a non critical script on 6.0? There is something else. You've contributed countless patches some way more important than this one. But you're making a point about this one …17:29
nicoeI really don't understand17:30
pokolinicoe: its the same repeating pattern on all issues17:30
pokoliI created the issue today and I start think which was the reason to not accept it. Of course, there was a reason17:31
nicoeYet there are dozens of other patch you've submitted that have been accepted17:32
pokolinicoe: yet there are dozens of features that I'm scared to submit 17:32
pokolimaybe it's my problem because my contributions won't be never perfect enought to be accepted on Tryton17:33
pokoliI can live with that17:33
nicoeI can understand that, cedk sometimes gives me also the feeling that Tryton is a one man show where my contribution are tolerated but not welcomed17:36
pokolinicoe: of course this can be solved by having contrib modules17:36
nicoeYet it's not by contributing less that it will be solved, so I don't think you should be scared to submit something17:37
pokolinicoe: of course, but if each time that I submit something I will have an endless discussion I wil get tired of submiting 17:43
pokoliI already lived that last month17:43
nicoeEndless discussions are boring indeed, there are two ways to deal with it: if it's nitpicking, just shrug it off … it's not worth losing your nerves for that. If it's a real issue with the design then you can still keep your contribution for yourself or into a contrib module.17:56
nicoeAs I already said on the forum not everything should be in Tryton17:57

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