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htgoebelpokoli, ced: re maintaining: My lesson learn from maintaining Pyinstaller: accepting contributions I'm not totally convinced off is okay, too (depening on the topic, of course). As an maintainer I'm just the moderator. Others will come and refine the missing pieces.07:42
pokolihtgoebel: that my work when there is a single mantainer but when the maintenance is shared is more complex 07:55
htgoebelpokoli: Well, this worked quite well with several maintainers - each having its own preferences :-)08:01
htgoebelpokoli:we just needed to learn to accept the other ones decision08:01
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pokolihtgoebel: but each mainainter have diferent areas or how do you organize? 08:28
htgoebelpokoli: Anarchistic :-)08:30
htgoebelpokoli: Everybody just did what they did and the others eventually added opinion and one decided.08:31
htgoebelpokoli: If e.g. me did not like the decision, I always could provide a fix.08:32
htgoebelpokoli: the guix-project basically works the same08:33
htgoebelpokoli: this of course only works if all mainteiners are on par and all accept each other as being competent.08:34
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pokolihtgoebel: thanks for sharing but I do not expect that will work for tryton08:51
htgoebelQuesuionWhen setting up a Chart of Accounts by a user with Englisch and selecting "Minimal Chart…", is this ac09:01
htgoebel^^ please ignore, incomplete09:01
htgoebelQuestion regarding localization and Chart of Accounts09:09
htgoebelMy Admin user is confugured for German.09:09
htgoebelAnyhow, when runing the "Create Chart of Accounts" wizard, both  "Minimal Chart…" and "Minimaler Kontenrahmen" (in German) are presented.09:09
htgoebelWill these actually be the same, no matter which I select?09:09
htgoebelSo when choosing the German one, can I still select (eg in proteus) the account named "Main Revenue"?09:09
pokolihtgoebel: no, the account plan will be translated to german if you select the german version 10:43
htgoebelpokoli: thx10:44
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htgoebelI wonder whether there is some "tryton-explorer" GUI for walking the objects in the database, providing details to Models?14:34
pokolihtgoebel: there is Administration -> Models -> Models and Fields15:12
htgoebelpokoli: How do I follow relations there? When double clicking I only get the fields definition, but can not jump to the related model15:18
pokolihtgoebel: no, because they are string for now 15:27
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udono[m]htgoebel: here is another approach:
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