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htgoebelI'm trying to make trytond execute cron jobs.12:19
htgoebelEven if trytond is NOT running, trytond-cron fails with _TransactionLockError in lock_table.12:19
htgoebel(using sqlite backend)12:19
htgoebelfull traceback is at
htgoebelAny ideas?12:19
htgoebelsqlite is used since this is just a dev/test environment12:21
htgoebelIf there is some other way to trigger specific cronjobs, I'd happily use this (scheduling is not required)12:23
cedkLooks like we are missing a transaction error fix when locking cron table12:27
pokolihtgoebel: there is a run_once button on cron job to force its execution12:33
htgoebelcedk: anything I can contribute? example I can use as a base?12:34
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htgoebelcedk: many thanks for the quick fix. I'll test it tomorrow.15:59
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