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udononickbnf: hi, in header and footer is no sale object, because it is defined in body (for each="sale in records"… If you really need the sale variables in the header/footer you need to use tricks. 08:28
nickbnfudono: hi! Right this is alo my problem. There is limitation of a current Tryton templation tool that cotexts of header/body/footer are totally disjunct. 09:01
nickbnfudono: and if we are talking about a real world multipage bookkeeping document, then it is mandatory to have a document reference on each page09:02
nickbnfudono: otherwise there is no way, that e.g. you can later proove what quotation customer has signed09:03
nickbnfudono: so alone this limitation sadly makes tryton not sutable in my case :(09:04
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nickbnfudono: which is actually sad, bacause in general tryton architecture and extentionability are really good09:06
udononickbnf: That's a pity. Because many many other businesses are using Tryton with success.09:06
udononickbnf: one trick to move a body variable into the following header is, to set an odf variableon the page before which is used in the header.09:08
pokolicedk: about you added the migration for party_identifier models, but not from the account_payment_journal model09:12
cedkpokoli: fill a bug09:13
pokolicedk: ok then but do not say: "It is not" when it is09:14
udononickbnf: Maybe you re-think the problem you are facing. You are asking a kind of document page control in Tryton. But this feature is provided by the text processor you use: (libre office, open office, weazyprint, Latex…)09:17
pokolidone in:
pokolinickbnf: there is the option to mark a template as single, so in case of multiple records multiple files are generated, each with its own header/footer09:19
pokoliACTION did not fully read the discussion but just giving move options to explore09:19
nickbnfudono: it is a superposition of a tryton design decision and a text processor limitation09:20
nickbnfudono: so tryton will call the same template with the same header/footer and potentially multiple bodies.... which is wired. And related to a text processor header/foooter/body are evaluated as separat documents, which makes it impossible to put any salary context based info in to header/footer in a reliable manner09:23
nickbnfpokoli: sound like a possible option09:23
nickbnfpokoli: may be you can describe more precise, how to mark reports as "single?" and to force tryton to generate multiple documents in a batch mode09:24
pokolinickbnf: the deafult invoice report is marked as single, you can print multiple records and it generates a zip with each file. You can test on the demo database09:24
pokolinickbnf: on the `` model, where the report is defined there is a `single` boolean field which activates this behaviour09:25
nickbnfpokoli: so if one makes both "sale" and "invoice" Reports as single (through = true) they one can fully eleminated "for x in records", right?09:27
pokolinickbnf: yes, you can just work with the record variable and remove the for loop09:29
nickbnfpokoli: and it will not break the reast functionality of tryton reporting?09:30
pokolinickbnf: no, it is a supported feature09:30
nickbnfpokoli: thank you very much for your help! Looks like I am not alone struggling with an optimal report structure...09:31
pokolinickbnf: you are never alone here ;-) 09:32
pokoliMost of the time we face similar problems when implementing an ERP 09:32
nickbnfpokoli: May be you can help me with one more quetion :) Normally one have Offer->Quotation->Sale chain, but I was only able to find Quotation and Sale part and reports in Tryton09:32
nickbnfpokoli: if problems as sumular, then why not to make more practical setup as default?09:33
pokolinickbnf: because it is impossible to cover all cases, so we just try to provide a base solution that can be extended to cover all cases09:34
pokolinickbnf: what is an offer for you and what makes it different from a quottation? For me they are both the same 09:35
nickbnfpokoli: at least here in germany, "Offer" it what you send if there is some tender or client interest09:37
nickbnfpokoli: then if customer choose your offer you are discussing and sending Quotation, that also must be signed09:37
nickbnfpokoli: and then it is time for an Invoice09:38
nickbnfso without Offer you are unable most part of the time to make interresting deals09:38
pokolinickbnf: udono is also from germany so probably provide a better advice09:39
pokolibut from tryton point of view there is not different between the offer or the quotation09:39
nickbnfpokoli: thank you wery much for your help! Thanks to you I have finally got many questions aswered :)09:40
nickbnfpokoli: so in Tryton there is only two stage sale possible? Quotation->Invoice09:40
udononickbnf: Tryton is optimized to be enhanced. If you would need more states in sale, you can add them with a custom module.09:44
pokolinickbnf: Did you have a look at the documentation?
udononickbnf: but maybe you can use the sale_opportunity module which provides the states before a sale quotation.09:44
nickbnfudono: Hallo! sale_opportunity is actually something tha I was playing around, but it has no reporting09:45
nickbnfpokoli: yes, but I could not find any "Offer" functionality in this article09:46
nickbnfudono: so  what its actually you way of creating an "Angebot" in tryton?09:47
udonoIt is a quotation09:47
udonoin sale09:47
nickbnfbut "Quotation" is equal "Auftrag" not "Angebot" or am I wrong?09:48
udononickbnf: don't know
nickbnfudono: but if you look spesifc at Comm. Meaning with Leo:09:53
nickbnfudono:  Angebot ~ Quotation09:54
nickbnfudono: Auftrag ~ Order09:54
nickbnfudono: 09:54
nickbnfudono: Rechnung ~ Invoice09:54
udononickbnf: no need to dump the internet here :-)09:55
nickbnfudono: so one can say also say, the there is an "Angebot" there but no "Auftrag" which is also strange09:55
nickbnfudono: in any way it feels like there is on missing step...09:56
nickbnfudono: actually as pokoli has alread ment "sale_opportunity" looks promising, but there is sadly not report bound09:57
cedknickbnf: a quotation becomes an order when it is validated by the customer09:57
udononickbnf: No. There is one and only one sale. The sale is in state "draft", "quotation", "confirmed", "processing",…09:57
cedknickbnf: a quotation may be cancelled if the customer does not validate it09:57
nickbnfcedk: so one can say that a ( == quotation) == "Offer" and ( == confirmed) == "Order"?10:00
udononickbnf: exactly10:00
nickbnfudono: cedk: thank you together! Than I should change sale template accordingly10:01
nickbnfWill give it a try to day evening10:01
pokolinickbnf: which kind of report did you need for sale_opportunity, the objective of the opportunity is to generate a sale which already has the report10:01
udononickbnf: yes.10:01
nickbnfpokoli: I am just trying to implement Offer->Order->Invoice chain10:02
nickbnfpokoli: and may be really can be fine for both Offer and Order10:02
nickbnfbtw, is there is way to use LaTeX as a template language?10:03
nickbnfhave seen some montioning of this possibility but not shure if it is really possible?10:04
udononickbnf: Latex is not a supported report engine from the Tryton project.10:08
nickbnfudono: so only odt?10:08
cedknickbnf: in standard we support OpenDocument and HTML as source template10:09
udononickbnf: There are reports in ODF, HTML, text and some other formats...10:09
cedknickbnf: but it is possible to extend and implement your own engine10:10
udononickbnf: BTW the output format for ODT can be changed to PDF, if you prefer this…10:19
udononickbnf: it is the Extension you can set on the report. E.g.;name=%22Administration%20%2F%20User%20Interface%20%2F%20Actions%20%2F%20Reports%22&views=%5B22%2C23%5D10:21
nickbnfudono: it was one of the first things that I have changed in my Tryton instance10:58
nickbnfthank you all for a your help and your time!10:58
udononickbnf: welcome!10:58
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