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cedkWhen did happen that Tryton is reduced to
cedklooks like it is when some tried to impersonate the community11:01
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pokolicedk: I will like to understand your concers but I do not fully understand12:20
pokoliWho said that Tryton is reduced to 12:20
pokoliWho tried to impersonate the community? 12:20
cedkpokoli: tryton.community12:21
pokolicedk: how you achieved such conclussion?12:22
cedkpokoli: the name: "tryton community"12:25
cedkpokoli: words have meanings12:25
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cedksuddenly everybody on the forum is using to refer to the project12:31
pokolicedk: I've use it to make a clear difference when talking about what is done in tryton (official) and what is done outside12:38
pokolithat does not mean that tryton is reduced to just tryton.org12:39
pokolicedk: Harmut is on holidays for two weeks, if you want we can have some videochat when he is back to talk about trytoncommunity 12:50
pokoliOr even we can comment your comments before he is back if you prefer12:50
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