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dotbitHi, I have added autocomplete+default_get in party_ro module from local fisc. I am trying to get it to a reasonable quality for including upstream, but I have ways to go.08:35
dotbitIt keeps bothering me why this function is defined, but I can not figure out how to reuse it when I redefine the classmethod in party_ro08:36
dotbitI do this:         values = super().default_get(fields_names, with_rec_name=with_rec_name)08:36
dotbitSorry, I meant         result = super().autocomplete(text, domain=domain, limit=limit, order=order)08:37
dotbitand also to reuse the identifier_types, etc08:37
cedkdotbit: you can not reuse it because it is in the scope of the method08:49
cedkyou have to write your own version08:50
dotbitcedk: I like the generic implementation in Model for autocomplete and default_get. Thank you for that.09:06
dotbitI think two features that could be added are wizzard to add new party from Parties, and also checking of existing parties.09:07
pokolidotbit: there is a wizard to merge duplicated parties09:08
dotbitRegarding checking of existing parties I am a little worried about the way we are mixing model defaults (ex. from config) and things added in default_get from authorative source.09:08
dotbitpokoli: you mean Replace?09:10
pokolidotbit: yes, the replace is used to fix duplicates09:13
dotbitcedk: understood, thank you09:22
dotbitin Romania I think we have something like siret, where the fiscal domicile of a company is linked to an address, it is the ro_onrc identifier.09:23
dotbitI am thinking it is a good idea to link that identifier to the address like siret, but I can not figure out where that is done inside party_siret09:24
dotbitpokoli: Maybe some functionality could be reused from there, maybe use it as an example.09:27
pokolidotbit: I do not know which is the usage of siret as its specific for france. But from what I see in a quick look in the code it just adds a Function field to show the identifiers of addresses09:28
pokoliIIRC the identifiers on the address have been moved to party module09:29
dotbitpokoli: ah, I was looking in the wrong place. it works even without party_siret activated once configured, so you must be right09:33
dotbitthank you Sergi!09:34
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