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mrichezhi, is there an easy way to identify a backorder shipment ? I'm thinking about a boolean function field browsing all sales linked to a shipment having more than one shipment... What do you think ?09:37
pokolimrichez: you can test the number of the stock moves of the sales lines linked to the outgoing moves of the origin. If there is one is done state it is a backorder10:22
pokoliDo you need to do some special treatment for them? Normally backorders are just considered as an extra shipment with nothing special10:22
mrichezpokoli: i want to create a trigger to warn the user who processed the sale there's a backorder10:23
pokolimrichez: you can use the "partially shipped" shipment state of the sale 10:24
pokoliwhen the sale changes from waiting to partialy shipped send the warning10:24
mrichezpokoli: hum that's an idea, but would like the warning each time a backorder shipment is created10:25
mrichezbecause sale user needs to take a decision if backorder should be shipped or not10:26
pokolimrichez: why not using the sale shipment exception to raise the warning to the sale user? This will allow him to take the action10:26
pokoliand each time it is raised again a new exception will be generated10:27
mrichezpokoli: sale shipment exception is raised when cancelling the shipment, no ?10:27
mrichezpokoli: in case of backorder there's no exception10:27
pokolimrichez: yes, I'm thinking in automatically cancelling backorder shipments when they are created by the system. Which will raise the exception 10:28
mrichezpokoli: hum, good suggestion :-)... wondering if there's no problem to cancelling automatically backorders ?10:30
pokolimrichez: I think is doable. You just need to override process to cancell shipments when it already exists a new one10:34
pokoliand add a flag (to be set on handle exception) which avoids this cancellation. Once a new shipment is created the flag is disabled so new shipments are already created10:34
pokoliThe flag is needed because the process is run in a background process when tryton-worker is activated10:35
mrichezpokoli: ok will look at this... and it's possible to create a trigger on shipment exception ?10:35
pokolimrichez: yes, exception is a value of shipment_state of the field. So you just need to create a trigger which is raised when sshipment state is changed to exception10:36
mrichezpokoli: super. Thanks :-)10:36
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mrichezhi, how to manage shipments when choosing "Manual" as shipment method on sale ? 13:07
mrichezhow to create a shipment and link to the sale ? user doesn't have access to origin field, no ?13:07
cedkmrichez: by clicking on manual_shipment13:16
mrichezcedk: not on 6.8 ;-) 13:17
cedkmrichez: before it manual means not managed13:17
mrichezcedk: thanks13:18
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