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pokolicedk: each time I create a MR I get less incentives to continue creating more10:45
pokoli80% of merge requests or proposals end even: Ignored, on a never ending discussion or which a bunch of nevere ending requests10:47
pokoliand the others are just small fixes as typos or bugs, which eventually got merged10:47
pokoliof course, we can most of the time work on a custom solution but this is not what we wanted when we chosed an open source system to work with10:49
pokolimost curious, is that this was not what we lived when starting working on the project, it just changed over the time10:51
pokolialso its quite frustrationt to always get non understandable messages that you need to have 4 more replies to properly understand11:17
pokoliThis only causes lost time from both sides of the conversation 11:17
pokoliACTION know won't get any reply but this will be read11:18
pokoliat the end, I think its just simpler to just create issues and not MRs. I prefer to avoid discussions11:47
cedkdo not expect many bug fixes13:26
pokoliI learnt to not expect so much for others so I get less dissappointments13:29
pokoliWe always apply patches and fixes to our deployments13:29
pokoliMerry Christmas dear tryton channel!14:42
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