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LordVanhi. i got a question: if i mark an invoice as paid and the customer has paid a different amount (like a discount that was agreed after,..) how would i best deal with that, since the invoice would not b emarked as completely paid?13:31
cedkLordVan: you must credit the customer of the amount you give him and then reconcile the payment, the invoice and the discount together13:37
LordVancedk, hm ok I expected something like that.  can that also be done from the dialogue where you enter payments? or otherwise?13:42
cedkLordVan: accouting discount maybe complex depending on the accounting rules of the country13:48
cedkso usually you can not just book it as write-off because you will loose also the taxes13:49
LordVancedk, hmm so if we do not really use the bookkeeping,.. it might be easier to just ignore it and mark the full amount as paid so they are not listed as unpaid (the main aim of marking as paid tbh) -- problem is that wethen have wrong amounts per customer of course .. hmmm13:57
cedkLordVan: is a proposal to implement proper discount on payment14:03
LordVancedk, that looks good for most cases, but we got customers that do pay with discount even if they are technically too late so we would have to be able to (if we decide we want to) allow that too14:05
LordVanalso 14:05
LordVanwe are also talking about existing invoices where that couldn'T be added retrospectively anymore so ..14:45
cedkLordVan: it's up to you, the simplest way is to put as wriet-off but if there are taxes, you are loosing them14:47
LordVancedk, hmm as someone with barely any clue about accounting: what do you mean loosing the taxes exactly?14:48
LordVanalso how do I put it as write-off?14:48
cedkLordVan: company collect VAT on customer invoice that it has to pay to authorities.14:52
LordVanyes ofc14:52
cedkso if the invoice amount is 100€ with 20€ of tax14:52
cedkyour customer pay 90€ because of 10% discount on early payment14:52
cedkif you just put the 10€ as lost, you still have to pay 20€ to tax authority14:53
LordVanah you mean tryton will still take it as 20€ tax even if the customer paid less14:53
LordVangot it14:53
LordVani am just thinking if that bothers me in this case14:53
LordVansince we don'T use the accounting module (except indircectly)14:53
LordVanthrough sale,..14:53
cedkanother way is to create credit note for the discount maybe with account_invoice_correction14:54
LordVanputting many of those in would be a pain though 14:54
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