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mrichezhi, we are doing some tests to post invoices. I've selected 240 invoices and doing post. We have no worker activated. Process seems very slow: after 2 hours, only 120 invoices are posted. Is it normal ? How to know what takes so much time ?10:53
pokolimrichez: normally it depends on the number of lines12:12
cedkmrichez: post_batch is there to improve12:12
mrichezpokoli: 1 or 2 line by invoice and 240 invoices12:13
mrichezcedk: ok, i'll test with worker12:13
pokolimrichez: in my expirience posting nearly 20 invoices (with similar number of lines) takes just 1 minute. so 2 hours seems like to much12:13
mrichezcedk: i just need to add worker in configuration and launch trytond-worker... so next time, i'll post , worker will manage processing ?12:14
cedkmrichez: I guess it is the PDF generation that takes time12:14
cedkmrichez: worker is different of post_batch12:15
mrichezcedk: how to use post_batch then ?12:15
cedkmrichez: post_batch solves the lock contension on the ir.sequence.strict12:15
pokolicedk: but post batch will take exactly the same time but just in the worker12:16
cedkmrichez: but if you activate workers, post will delegate the PDF generation to worker and post_batch will delegate the accounting and report to worker12:16
mrichezcedk: ok, we will test it12:17
cedkmrichez: and post_batch will skip the checks for warnings12:17
pokoliwell not exactly because it skips some tests, but mostly the same 12:17
mrichezindeed we have warning about payment in the past12:18
mrichezand how using post_batch instead of post ?12:18
mrichezis it automatically ?12:18
cedkmrichez: no it is there to be used by custom code12:28
mrichezcedk: ok thanks12:28
mrichezhi, i've configured trytond-worker... but when confirming sales they stay in confirmed state15:00
mrichezi just need to add [queue]worker = True in configuration file ?15:00
mrichezand launching trytond-worker 15:01
mrichezsorry, i've to leave, will read your answer later. Thanks.15:05
cedkmrichez: processing happens a little bit after so the client refresh before it happens15:08
cedkmrichez: or the processing raise an error15:08
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