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pombredaHowdy :)06:41
pombredaHow can I rebuild locally the docker images using the latest checkout? 06:42
pombreda does not seem to ever work from a checkout, but from published downloads06:42
pombredaI am trying Tryton for an ASBL and I am stuck with ... which is fixed. 06:44
pombredapokoli: hey :)06:46
pokolipombreda: you will need to install the module from series or patch the source code06:47
pokolipombreda: the fix is not released yet06:48
pombredapokoli: ok, so no docker then. shrikes. patching the code would be easy... but the base image is pretty depleted from anything to edit code :] ... only sed there and no sudo 06:49
pombredapokoli: thank you :)06:50
pombredapokoli: would there be a workaround? some thing I could fix in the DB otherwise?06:51
pombredaor if I wipe the containers and volumes clean, how could I create my party/company/ etc in the right sequence to avoid this issue?06:52
pombreda(I am a seasoned python dev, but new to Tryton)06:52
pokolipombreda: you will need to build a derivate docker image which installs with pip the patched module06:53
pokolipombreda: or even just apply the diff to site-packages/trytond/modules/company directory06:54
pombredapokoli: thanks. A bit more involved than I wished for :)06:56
pombredapokoli: is each module a package published on PyPI?06:57
pokolipombreda: yes, under the trytond prefix for example trytond_company is the company module06:57
pombredapokoli: are there modules that provide basic currencies and countries BTW?07:05
pokolipombreda: yes, on country and currency moduels there is a script to import them07:05
pombredapokoli: ok, script to run from the command line... or?07:05
pombredathank you :)07:05
pokolifor country module:
pokoliFrom command line you will need to have proteus installed 07:06
pokolipombreda: If you are running docker image all required dependencies are already installed07:06
pombredaok. I need to figure out how I can patch the released image still :P07:07
pombredapokoli: has the fix. I will try to install this locally in a patched image. Do you reckon this is safe or best to only patch
pokolipombreda: ohh yes, the fix is for account module (I tought it was for company module) so manually installin g the module should fix it07:21
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pombredapokoli: with ... what is the value for the database option?07:37
pokolipombreda: the name of the database you want to load the data on 07:38
pokolipombreda: one tryton server can connect to multiple databases. Normally you create that with trytond-admin when initalizing the server07:38
pombredathis ws hidden from me when using docker compose ;)07:40
pombredatryton FTW!07:40
pokolipombreda: yes, the docker compose created a trytond database by default id fo do not specify a different name in DB_NAME environment variable07:41
pombredapokoli: still no liftoff ... rebuilding the tryton image ATM... is super slow08:45
pokolipombreda: Normally building a docker image takes just 2-3 minutes09:10
pombredapokoli: has been throttling things more and more lately09:12
pombredai will patch the local image instead09:13
pombredapokoli: the install scripts for countries and currencies can only AFTER the module activation, is this right? 09:17
pombredayep, answering myself. 09:18
pombredaThe tables are not yet created otherwise09:18
pombredapokoli: do you use some ORM BTW?09:18
pokolipombreda: tryton has an ORM09:18
pombredapokoli: I have liftoff at last :)09:22
pombredaACTION now needs to figure out how to enter a few account receivables items, received memberships and expenses. Then export a balance sheet and income stetament 09:25
pombredapokoli: is there a tutorial of sorts? or the doc has it all?09:26
pombredanm, going through steps09:27
pombredaI naively thought I would have nothing to do ;)09:27
pombreda"The client format the date according to the user language." .... is there a way to display dates as YYYY-MM-DD when using English?09:34
pombredagot it.09:35
pombredain Languages09:36
pombredabut changing does not change how dates are displayed09:41
pokolipombreda: IIRC you need to logout and login to refresh date format10:41
pokolipombreda: all documentation (not many) is on docs.tryton.org10:41
pokoliWe are missing some efforts to have a proper documentation10:41
pombredapokoli: I know how hard it is to get good docs! 10:43
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