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udonogood morn'10:22
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bechameludono: so we could make program for the next thursday11:02
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bechameludono: so what i already know os that we will talk about the new party model and about the first release11:09
bechameludono: i though also about having a quick review about all the tools :website, bugtracker, etc11:10
udonomy topics are:11:11
udono* showcase modules and models on parties11:11
udono* Release Planning11:11
udono** release date11:11
udono** release roadmap11:11
udono** release announcements11:11
bechameludono: ok11:13
udonobechamel: but there may some other points timitos and yangoon like to diskuss... I thing I will send all together on monday to you and cedk - Is it ok11:15
bechameludono: yes ok11:15
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bechamelso for the one who want to be involved in the tryton release the will be a meeting about it:
bechameleveryone is welcome11:50
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udonoQuestion: Someone knows a nice place to stay for a weekend in north french sur la mer?12:51
bechameludono: i like "le treport" which is s small fishing harbor, it's a nice place to eat seafood12:55
bechameludono: and is not to far, there are other place with nicer cost but they are further12:57
bechamel/cost/coast/ ;)12:59
udonobechamel: thanks, this looks good. I like to go on friday. Do you have a recommendation for a place to stay?13:01
bechameludono: i know tow place there an hotel and also a bead and a breakfast:
bechameludono: both are nice, but iirc the women at the b&b was not very friendly13:06
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udonobechamel: the hotel looks nice and close to the port.13:17
udonobechamel: booked ;-)13:17
udonobechamel: hotel is with wifi13:18
bechameludono: ;)13:18
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ikksI'm starting to test tryton on Debian, and I'm following the wiki document16:34
ikksI found some packages which have to be replaced16:34
ikksi.e. pydot -> python-pydot16:34
ikksWhat would be the best place to issue this?16:35
ikksAs a comment on the wiki?16:35
udonohello ikks16:40
ikksHi udono16:40
udonoikks: Yes, if its an annotation just put it to the depending page16:40
ikksok, thanks :)16:40
udonoikks: if you find issues, just use the issuetracker16:41
ikksBut I guess, it's my error reading the doc, because the recommended is a pydot not packaged by debian.16:41
Timitosikks: yes the wiki document does not speak from the debian package but from an installation with easy_install from python-setuptools16:52
Timitosikks: but i think some annotations about the packages might be good in the wiki16:53
udonoikks: the debian packages for most python modules are aged16:58
udonoHi Timitos16:58
cedkikks: I can give you access to the wiki to update the Debian page17:05
cedkI find it is better to install packages with the package manager if it is possible17:06
cedkikks: I just need your google account17:07
ikkscedk mine is igor.tamara@gmail.com17:11
ikksI guess the instructions on the wiki are on lenny.17:11
ikksI'm on Lenny at this moment17:11
cedkikks: in fact the best is to be as more generic as possible17:12
cedkikks: so no need to give the version number of packages, but just the right name17:12
ikksYep, I guess is best to be sure it works on lenny, I'll first try it on Lenny, then I'll try on etch17:14
ikksTo see the differences on the install.17:14
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CIA-52tryton: Add taxes_category boolean to specify which taxes to use17:55
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