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udonohi all,11:11
udonois there a way to show a complete branch with all leaves in a tree view?12:04
udonoIhave something like this:12:04
udono        branch112:06
udono        branch212:06
udono                leave112:06
udono                leave212:06
udonoIf someone choose leave2, he should see Root element3, branch1, branch2, leave1 and finaly leave212:07
udonoAll in something like a child tree... but with parents...12:08
udonoHmm... just forget it, I think if I see it, I need to think more about...12:10
udono:-) sorry12:10
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 81:119e5fbbea56 product/ Add missing email12:13
cedkyangoon: hi13:00
cedkyangoon: as it seems you are the one who keep the de translation updated13:01
cedkyangoon: I propose to set you as the leader for de in
yangooncedk: yes, seemsso13:01
cedkyangoon: are you ok ?13:02
yangooncedk: do it, ok13:02
cedkyangoon: how do you want to appear ?13:02
cedkyangoon: which email ?13:02
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yangooncedk: with a big image;)13:03
yangooncedk: mathias.behrle@web.de13:04
cedkyangoon: I mean I see that you have a dyndns emails and a gmx.de13:04
cedkyangoon: args also a :-)13:04
yangoonand some more..13:04
CIA-52tryton: * r157 /wiki/
CIA-52tryton: Obfuscate email addresses13:21
CIA-52tryton: Add Mathias as leader of Deutsch translation13:21
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CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1059:bf375c821130 trytond/doc/ (models.rst views.rst): Added doc about selection fields. Inspired by udo contribution.14:26
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1060:d8b0f6305828 trytond/: merge14:27
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #333/Enhancement: input of field calendar: [chatting] Entering date as 01.01.08 and going with tab to next field results in 01.01.080814:27
CIA-52tryton: Timitos roundup * #403/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): NULL-VALUE in column 'party' violates NOT-NULL-constraint CONTEXT: SQL: UPDATE ONLY "public"."company_company" SET "party" = NULL WHERE "party" = $114:38
udonocedk: bechamel: What is the selection 'remainder' in payment term for?14:43
yangooncedk: bechamel: and why is it required any way, if you have payment term with percentage 100%?14:44
cedkbecause with the computation, you can have a rest even if you think you put 100%14:46
cedklike that we are sure that all the amount will be paid14:46
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 62:49c112307209 company/ Add ondelete CASCADE on party for issue40314:57
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #403/res = self.cursor.execute(sql, params): [resolved] Fix with changeset 49c11230720914:57
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 82:847bc894a50b product/ Add ondelete CASCADE on template14:58
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johanHi, I'm trying to get tryton running, but the site & tarballs seems to lack documentation15:25
johanhow do I setup the basic schema and connect to the trytond installation?15:26
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cedkjohan: you can follow:
johancedk: I did, but it's not complete15:27
cedkjohan: you can create database through the client15:29
johancedk: the client gives me various exceptions when I connect15:29
cedkjohan: what?15:29
johancedk: oh, I connected to the wrong database. Works now. Thanks!15:30
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johancedk: are you a tryton developer?15:33
cedkjohan: yes15:35
cedkjohan: I'm the "CK" of B2CK :-)15:35
johancedk: I'm a developer of a system which is fairly similar to tryton called Stoq15:35
johancedk: I'm trying to find out if it's possible for the project to cooperate at some level15:36
cedkjohan: what kind of framework do you use for Stoq ?15:40
johancedk: we use postgres, pygtk & sqlobject at the moment15:40
johanwe also have our own ui toolkit/framework on top of pygtk called kiwi15:41
cedkjohan: is it client/server ?15:42
johancedk: no, it's client based only15:43
johanas in the client talks to postgres directly15:43
cedkjohan: so it is not multi-user or do you use postgres as server ?15:44
johancedk: the latter15:45
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cedkjohan: you are from Async Open Source ?15:46
johancedk: yes, I am15:47
cedkjohan: we use one widget from yours15:48
johancedk: oh, which one of them?15:48
cedkjohan: for date15:48
johanah, DateEntry, that's a nice little widget15:49
johanI'm happy that somebody found it and uses it15:49
johancedk: you guys should really use kiwi, it was designed to be used in business applications, there's a lot of things there which will be useful15:51
cedkjohan: we should have a look at it15:53
nicoejohan, cedk: Funny how everyone knows everyone here :)15:53
johannicoe: yeah, the world is small. Lorenzo of pycha is good friend of mine as well15:54
nicoejohan: how ... tryton is also using some piece of pycha15:55
cedkjohan: does it work on win32?15:55
johannicoe: I never quite liked pycha though, I want something like JFreeChart15:55
johancedk: stoq or kiwi?15:55
nicoejohan: maybe there is room for yet another charting library in the python world.15:56
nicoejohan: but for now pycha is sufficent for my basic needs15:56
johannicoe: I looked into using jfreechart via jython, it works really well actually15:56
cedkjohan: kiwi15:57
johancedk: yes, there are several commercial application using it shipped exclusively on win3215:57
nicoejohan: But it's jython ...15:58
johannicoe: to me it's not a /big/ problem, as it's easy to get installed on linux15:58
nicoejohan: But what about all the stuff using C extensions and so on ?15:59
nicoeACTION have genshi in its mind15:59
johannicoe: oh, I didn't mean porting the whole application to jython15:59
johannicoe: just writing a reporting daemon in jython which talks to the application16:00
johanvia rpc or so16:00
johanmakes a lot of sense in a 3-tier architecture anyway16:00
cedkjohan: for me it is better to have the client spending time on rendering image than one server16:01
nicoecedk: about to said that.16:01
nicoecedk: but we're talking reporting here16:02
cedknicoe: about the use of a server for graph generation16:02
johancedk: depends on the setup, etc.16:02
johanit's not a /very/ frequent task16:02
cedkof course for standard report where you must be sure about how the report must be generated, it is better to have it on the server side16:03
cedkwe have a graph widget (inspired by pycha) in the gtk client for rendering graphs16:03
johanyes I agree, ideally it should be done on a client side, but as jfreechart is superior to the python alternatives I think that using a reporting server is a decent solution short/middle-term solution16:04
johanuntil someone decides to write a good charting library in python16:04
cedkjohan: what is difference with pycha and jfreechart ?16:06
johancedk: pycha is a toy, jfreechart is a great librar16:06
johanoops :)16:06
johancedk: right link
cedkjohan: ok, I see there is same kind of chart that we can not yet generate16:07
johancedk: that page shows only a small fraction, you should run the demo if you want to see more16:08
cedkwe already think about creating a library with our chart widget16:08
johancedk: pycha might be a good solution for you, but I just don't have time to spend writing a good charting library16:08
cedkjohan: do I need a plugin to run the demo?16:12
nicoecedk: maybe we could join our effort some days to write a good charting library16:13
johancedk: you need java & java webstart installed16:13
johannicoe: pity there are no good java -> python translators *hint*16:13
cedkjohan: ok I will try an other time16:14
johanagain, JFreeChart is well designed, I've had very good experiences with it16:14
johancedk: I've seen that you made some modifications to DateEntry, it would be appreciated if you could submit them upstream16:21
cedkjohan: ok, where can I submit ?16:22
johancedk:, kiwi product16:22
cedkikks: did you really need to have X for the installation of the server ?16:34
ikkscedk, I guess not.16:35
cedkikks: because you add on the wiki to install x16:36
CIA-52tryton: uspallek@Lisa.dsl default * 1061:b0323cca2911 trytond/trytond/osv/ Added more information to AttributeError for better locating the errors source.16:41
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1062:2723d991d9a7 trytond/: merge16:41
cedkjohan: I check the last dateentry in kiwi but it is really different from the one that we have17:18
cedkjohan: do you think it is still usefull that I post a patch?17:19
johancedk: I think I wrote it at one time and didn't touch it afterwards17:19
cedkjohan: I see that it doesn't no more use a mask for date17:19
johancedk: dunno, I think you removed most of the code from it17:19
johancedk: it should17:20
cedkjohan: in fact it doesn't come from me17:21
johancedk: I'd like to see one DateEntry which can be used by both of us17:22
CIA-52tryton: igor.tamara * r158 /wiki/ pydot on Lenny is up to date, preferred apt-get install over easy_install17:23
CIA-52tryton: * r159 /wiki/
CIA-52tryton: Remove x dependency17:23
CIA-52tryton: Fix layout17:23
cedkjohan: yes, it will be possible17:24
johancedk: any specific reasons for not using more of kiwi?17:24
johanto avoid forking the code base17:24
cedkjohan: I don't try it17:25
cedkjohan: in fact we use this file:
cedkjohan: from openerp17:31
cedkjohan: it is your copyright but it seems different from your code17:32
johancedk: oh, I understand, you inherited from openerp17:35
cedkjohan: yes17:35
ikkscedk, sorry, I was afk, I'll recheck the wiki log18:49
cedkikks: no problems18:54
ikkscedk, thanks for fixing this, sorry about that, was a typo :(, how can I look at the changes of a wiki page?19:05
CIA-52tryton: igor.tamara * r160 /wiki/ Added spanish as a subproject. Replacing plurar by singular when appropiate.19:18
cedkikks: you can check the svn
ikksno permission for me :(19:24
ikksI tried with igor.tamara and igor.tamara@gmail.com19:24
ikksBut not able to browse it.19:24
cedkikks: you can browse with there:
ikksthanks cedk21:01
ikksI just installed the server and the client.21:02
ikksBut the client is complaining on res_user table missing.21:03
ikksThe db is owned byt the tryton user21:03
ikksDo I have to make a default database? How do I create/populate the tables?21:12
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CIA-52tryton: * r161 /wiki/ Add wiki browse21:25
CIA-52tryton: * r162 /wiki/ Fix link21:26
Timitosikks: you do not have to create a default database. you can create it with the client22:00
ikksTimitos, bbl :(22:01
ikksgtg now. grrr.22:02
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 804:5ee4b35d9e55 tryton/tryton/gui/ Improve exception handling on sig_login22:18
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ikksI see, I don't have to create a previous database.  Create a new one, and tryton will create the tables and populate them.23:17
ikkscedk really rocks, you have just added the documentation needed :)23:19
CIA-52tryton: * r163 /wiki/ Add database creation23:24
CIA-52tryton: * r164 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.23:24
CIA-52tryton: * r165 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.23:24
CIA-52tryton: * r166 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.23:24
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