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CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1007:229d2c5f9776 tryton/setup.nsi: Add COPYRIGHT, README, INSTALL, LICENSE, TODO in nsi script00:10
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1008:d9a56a9f8708 tryton/tryton/common/ Add missing incrementation of i for selection00:10
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1009:223d110e3a2a tryton/tryton/ Handle PLUGINS_PATH for py2exe00:10
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1010:8604cf50f605 tryton/setup.nsi: Add plugins in nsi script00:10
yangooncedk: pushed an updated german.nsh and two very small fixes00:15
cedkyangoon: ok, but try to have more explicit commit message00:19
CIA-34tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 297:7cc7db0097e1 account/de_DE.csv: updated translation for de_DE00:20
CIA-34tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 75:478297a2b707 account_statement/de_DE.csv: updated translation for de_DE00:21
cedkyangoon: for the client "some corrections" is always available for every commits :-)00:21
CIA-34tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 1011:6eb23c73941b tryton/german.nsh:00:22
CIA-34tryton: some corrections00:22
CIA-34tryton: proof read by udono00:22
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1012:9a311ea4aa0d tryton/: merge00:22
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CIA-34tryton: udono roundup * #591/account_invoice: Credit Note: [new] I think the term 'credit note' does not fit to the actual function of this action. See: credit note. ...06:47
CIA-34tryton: udo.spallek * r343 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.07:23
CIA-34tryton: udo.spallek * r344 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.07:23
CIA-34tryton: udo.spallek * r345 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.07:23
CIA-34tryton: udo.spallek * r346 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.07:23
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udonoACTION ask himself: How many clones of cedk are around?12:03
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cedkhere is a first draft for comparaison between Tryton and OpenERP:
cedkbetter with extension:
bechamelcedk: there is no color on list veiw in openerp ?16:41
bechamelcedk: oh, when the field is edited maybe16:42
cedkbechamel: yes when the field is edited16:42
udonocedk: I just updated my hg forest. Tryton client has versionnumber 0.0.1 in Help/About. And it will not connect to the server: Incompatible version of the server...16:51
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cedkudono: you don't update the client16:56
udono - Better support for translations16:56
udonocedk: ok, IC16:57
bechamelcedk: vs: - menu navigation with keyboard arrows16:59
bechamelcedk: vs: - improved handling of column re-ordering17:03
bechamelcedk: does openerp allow to customize file actions ?17:04
udonocedk: works. but now I have version 1.1.0...17:07
cedkbechamel: no17:08
Timitosudono: this is because you are working on the developer branch. you need to clone the release branch for working with the release17:08
udonocedk: vs: - custom key bindings for menu entrys17:09
cedkbechamel: for costomize file actions, yes they do17:09
udonoTimitos: why 1.1.0 and not 1.0.117:09
cedkudono: it is "- Customization of client shortcut"17:09
bechameludono: 1.0.1 will be the first bugfix release17:10
Timitosudono: because 1.0.1 would be only a bug fix17:10
Timitosbechamel: :-) faster than me17:10
udonocedk: shortcuts did openerp have, too17:10
udonoTimitos: bechamel cedk did we use even second numbers for release and odd second numbers for devel?17:11
cedkudono: yes I think it is a good way17:13
cedkudono: and for shortcuts no openerp don't have this17:14
udonocedk: only to avoid misunderstanding with double naming, they have a shortcuts menu like we ...17:17
cedkI update the file17:21
udonocedk: vs server: useing relax NG17:27
cedkudono: they have too17:27
udonocedk: no, they havn't released...17:27
udonocedk: they have free definable schortcuts for keys, too with the ktiny...17:27
CIA-34tryton: udo.spallek * r348 /wiki/ Added explanation of even and odd on second version number.17:28
cedkudono: it is not the official client17:28
udonocedk: like you want. No problem17:29
bechamel@all: what do you think about this text for a news: ?17:33
cedkI will add "It is a work of 8 months"17:36
cedk"The main goal of the fork is to provide a more stable and robust application platform"17:37
cedk"and being a more community project"17:38
Timitosbechamel: you should write something about the target group of tryton. like small and medium business17:38
cedkbechamel: it is also under GPL-317:38
bechamelok but we must split it in paragraphs17:39
bechameli have added "work of 8 wonths":
cedkbechamel: we will see what we can do when posting17:40
bechamelI propose to talk about community and gpl in another paragraph17:40
bechameland intended target in another one17:40
bechamelcedk: vs: Display only Tryton database for login > Display only Tryton databaseS for login17:50
cedkbechamel: fixed17:50
bechamelcedk: this list is rather impressive :)17:52
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cedkbechamel: and there is nothing about modules17:53
bechamelcedk: for community stuff i don't know what to tell appart : "Tryton is released under the GPL-3 and aspire to be a strong community-driven project."17:54
cedkbechamel: we are looking for contributors for translations, documentations and testing17:55
bechameland functional knowledge or something like that17:57
cedkand that we use decentralized repository17:58
bechamelcedk: imho too technical (this doesnt make a good community)17:59
bechamelactualy functional knowledge is not a correct translation of the french counterparts, I search for a word which say non-IT knowledge (like accounting, logistic, etc), maybe field knowledge or something like that18:05
cedkbechamel: work knowledge18:06
cedkbechamel: knowledge business18:07
bechamelcedk: work knowledge is like functional knowledge it means "active" (opposed to theorical/pasive knowledge)18:07
Timitosbechamel: business expertise could be a solution18:09
udonoTimitos: :-) just a second to late18:10
udonoexpert knowledge18:10
udonointerdisciplinary skill18:10
bechamelagrh now I have to choose the best one :-/18:11
udonobusines expertise is the best for me18:12
bechamelfor me too18:14
CIA-34tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 168:bd7c1d22c8c6 website/ (news.t2t news.xml): Added news for release18:25
bechamelfor the target audience, what should i say about it? for me the best target size is sme (small and medium enterprise)18:39
Timitosbechamel: sme who need a highly customizable and easy to use application platform or erp. with tryton they get the flexibility to let their solution grow with their needs. or something like that.18:42
udonocedk: I try to sudo easy_install trytond_account but doesn't work ...18:42
cedkudono: pypi is break for now, I can not upload file18:43
udonocedk: ok18:43
cedkbechamel: sme is good for me18:43
bechamelsme for the moment18:44
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bechamel"The target audience is the small and medium enterprises who are looking for a highly customizable and easy to use application platform and ERP. Tryton provide the ability to organisations to let their solution grow with their needs."18:52
cedkbechamel: medium entreprise is fewer than 500 employees18:52
bechamelcedk: yes, it's too small ?18:53
Timitosbechamel: Tryton provides ...18:54
bechamelTimitos: yes, thx18:54
cedkbechamel: I think in europe, it is the larger market for entreprise18:55
udonocedk: trytond is not uploaded on pypi19:01
cedkudono: no, there is a problem with pypi19:01
Timitosudono: it is:
udonoTimitos: yes, but only the index, not the egg19:02
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 169:36d140704490 website/downloads.t2t: Fix download link19:02
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 170:969d66d34bc1 website/news.t2t: Add list of improvements19:02
cedkthe website is updated19:07
udonocedk: I had no problem with pypi, just  python sdist upload19:07
udonoand it worked:
cedkudono: ok I try again19:08
udonobut maybe you exceed your upload limit ;-)19:08
cedkudono: I upload nothing today19:08
cedkudono: doesn't work19:11
cedkok, it seems there is a limit on the size of package19:13
cedkso I don't know how to handle trytond and tryton package19:15
udonokleinerdrache: do you know how to handle bigger packages on pypi?19:17
kleinerdracheI didn't work so much with pypi yet...19:17
cedkit seems over 60K it fails19:18
cedkok I find it19:23
cedkI will not upload package to pypi19:23
udonocedk: Yes, I think you just need to put the URL of the google code page into19:25
cedkudono: ok, done19:32
cedkudono: can you test it now?19:32
udonocedk: installed flawless :-)19:35
udonowith all dependencies19:35
cedkudono: with vatnumber, relatorio, psycopg2, etc.19:36
udonoI try, cedk19:40
udonoHow can I try... I had it all installed before?19:41
Timitosudono: cedk: i will try it in an virgin vm19:42
udonoTimitos: great19:44
Timitosit will take some time as i need to check if it is really without those packages19:46
Timitoscedk: i have some problems with trytond:
cedkTimitos: I don't have this issue19:50
udonoTimitos: did you install easy_install via ubuntu apt?19:54
cedkbut the bad things is that easy_install use egg for installation19:55
cedkso modules are not recognized19:56
Timitoscedk: you can see my command of easy_install in the paste19:56
udonoTimitos: did you install easy_install via ubuntu apt?19:56
Timitosudono: yes i did. but i think it was already installed by the distribution.19:57
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Timitoscedk: found this thread. perhaps you can find some important information. i do not understand the 2nd answer. please take a look20:04
cedkTimitos: which thread?20:05
Timitoscedk: sorry :-)20:05
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cedkI think we can not use easy_install20:08
udonocedk: isn't it possible to catch the error with try except and on except say "You need to copy the trytond/etc/trytond.conf to /etc by hand"?20:12
cedkudono: this is not the problem20:12
cedkthe problem is that the package are not installed in directories20:13
cedkbut in a egg directory, so we can not find modules20:13
cedkTimitos: what is your python version ?20:13
cedkTimitos: the easy_install version ?20:13
udonocedk: module_path in conf?20:13
Timitoscedk: 2.520:13
cedkudono: there will not be one directory but many one for each module20:15
cedkwhat we need is a clean install and not an egg install20:15
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udonocedk: I understand20:16
cedkbut I don't find if it is possible to ask easy_install to make a real install instead of egg20:17
udonocedk: I request essich20:19
udonocedk: but he is not on phone now...20:19
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 171:cdb4aab12e51 website/ (news.t2t news.xml): Remove pypi as it doesn't work for now20:22
cedkI don't understand how egg must work20:37
cedkI use easy_install trytond_currency and I can not import the module20:38
udonocedk: I uploaded the german chart of accounts on google, and I wonder that it is possible21:01
cedkudono: I don't like because it mix up stuff21:02
udonocedk: I just try if it is possible, don't thought it work...21:09
udonocedk: I am even allowed to delete...21:10
cedkudono: I can not manage access right on this tab21:11
cedkby the way I removed all the link from pypi, to prevent installation with easy_install21:11
udonocedk: I dislike that every projectmember is able to upload and delete files.21:17
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udonocedk: I phoned with htgoebel (essich) he ment we should request on the disutils mailinglist about the easy_install topic.
udonocedk: He will be online in an hour or so21:50
udonocedk: he had some ideas that there could be solutions with namespaces or prefix21:51
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cedkudono: we don't use distutils but setuptools22:29
cedkudono: I will create a downloads page on our host22:30
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cedkessich: hi22:43
cedkessich: udono talk to you about our problem?22:44
essichcedk: yes he did22:45
essichcedk: there are two problems:22:45
essich1) if you have a module "trytond" you can not use eggs for "trytond.modulename"22:46
essich2) how to find which models are available22:46
essichjusat a moment, I'm checking outthe current version to see the scripts22:47
essichOkay, I had a look.22:51
essichI'm afroaid you have to change the structure :-(22:51
essichor maybe ...22:51
essichcedk: the package "tryton.module" is an empty one?22:51
cedkessich: in the server package there is just a __init__.py22:52
essichcedk: IC. But it contains stuff.22:52
essichI'm afraid, this does may not work.22:53
CIA-34tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 172:7170ab352957 website/downloads.t2t: Use local link for download as google doesn't allow right management22:53
essichsetuptools support "namespace packages", but these require the "namespace" to be empty :-(22:53
cedkessich: don't understand well22:54
cedkwe can modifiy the code that load modules22:54
essichlet me see ...22:55
cedkbut what I don't see if how can I find the package that are installed22:55
essichPlease have a look at
cedkudono: I have put a new link for download22:56
essichcedk: the first two paragraphs should explain it well.22:56
essichI think, this is exactly what your want?!22:57
cedkessich: not sure because we make a loop on the files in modules/22:59
cedkessich: an we read the file23:00
cedkhere, what I understand is that the packages are installed in different egg but you can import them23:00
essichcedk: differend eggs: yes23:02
cedkessich: is it possible to prevent easy_install to use egg23:02
essichcedk: so can you please explain what exacly you want as a result?23:02
cedkI would like to have all the modules packages installed in the directory trytond/modules/23:03
essichcedk: what? AFASIK easy_ isntall always installs eggs, but not always ziped eggs.23:03
essichcedk: ut ehte modules shoul be seperate packages23:04
essichcedk: but the modules should be seperate packages?23:04
cedkessich: yes we prefert let the possiblility to not install all modules23:05
cedkessich: and how to prevent easy_install to create zip egg?23:07
cedkessich: because that is clear that we must not have zip file23:07
cedkessich: if you want to understand what we do, look at trytond/modules/ line 26723:09
cedkit is the function that search for modules23:09
cedkbut if there is the possibility to retreive the directory where the module is installed with pkg_resources, I think I can make a workarround23:10
essichcedk: avild zip: just add "zip_safe=False" to the setup() parameters23:13
essichabout the plugins: I just found how Trac implements plugins. See
essichthey are using entrypoints (line 41)23:15
cedkessich: don't understand how it works23:17
essichentrypoints would allow to name the packages trytond_modulename (as ist is now) and have pkg_resource resolve the modules23:19
essichcedk: an "enty point" add meta information which may then be retrieved using pkg_resource23:20
essichcedk: this may be used to add eg. new commands to setuptools23:20
essichcedfk: and trac used it for adding plugins23:21
essichcedk: But I have not tested this, I'm just resaeching23:21
essich(I'v added setuptools commands, though)23:21
cedkessich: this looks like what we need23:22
cedkbut I need to make some test23:23
cedkI think it will be for a release 1.0.123:23
essichdo you want modules in sepearate packeges on 1.0.0?23:24
cedkessich: it is already done23:24
cedkbut it doesn't work with easy_install23:25 host nor found23:27
cedkessich: it must be an issue of dns cache23:28
essichcedk: back to modulare modules :-)23:28
essichcedk: so we are talking about 1.0.1 since 1.0 is already released23:29
cedkessich: yes23:29
essichcedk: making 1.0 working with easy_install would require some changes to the code AFAIK23:29
udonocedk: essich hi, back and soon away23:30
essichudono: still awake ;-)23:30
udonocedk: thanks for moving to downloads.tryton.org23:30
cedkessich: yes, I remove the link to the package in pypi to prevent people to install with easy_install23:30
essichcedk: pypi: IC23:30
essichcekd: listing all entry points seams to be easy: see pydoc pkg_resources.iter_entry_points23:32
cedkyes but we must have a solution that works with egg installation and without installation23:34
cedkand I think the trac load_components are the right solution23:35
essichcedk: trac: yes, may be.23:35
essichcedk: otherwise: just add iter_entry_points to the current mechanism23:35
essichso iter_entry_points is jsut an additional way to find modules23:36
cedkessich: yes23:37
cedkthere is still the missing "" for namespace packages23:37
essichcedk: missing what exacly do you mean?23:39
udonobye, see you tomorrow23:39
essichudono: bye, sleep well23:39
cedkessich: in
essichcedk: you mean
cedkthey say that the source tree must include __init__.py23:40
cedkessich: I suppose that we must have for modules egg and in each directories: trytond/ trytond/modules/__init__.py23:41
cedkfor now, if I install a modules with egg, I can not import it23:41
essichyou can not import it as eg. trytond.modules.timesheet but you could import it as trytond_timesheet23:42
essichthese are quite different approaches, depens on how you want to name the packages, etc.23:43
essichI suppose, trytond/ does *not* need to be empty23:44
essichand trytond/modules/ may contain something like (but declaring'trytond.modules')23:45
cedkessich: ok, but I don't see howto create those files when installing a egg and nothing on normal install23:46
essichcedk: which "these files"? the
cedkessich: yes23:48
essichcedk: they are not created, they have to be part of the package23:48
essichcedk: argl, this amy require changing the repositiy layout if. I have to search an example now.23:49
cedkessich: but it must be there for egg but not for normal install23:50
essichcedk: why not for normal install? why handle differnetly?23:51
cedkessich: because package will be installed in the right directory23:53
cedkessich: and if there is a, it will be overrided23:53
essichcedk: IC what you mean23:54
essichcedk: I'll build a small test23:54
cedkessich: not trivial issue :-)23:56
essichcedk: yes, it's a challenge :-)23:57
essichif we do not solve it soon, I'll ask the the disutils mailingliste tomorrow23:57

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