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CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #783/XML-RPC: arguments mixed up: [new] In call via XML-RPC there seems to be a mixup of arguments for dbname and user Traceback (most recent call last): File "connect_to_server ...12:19
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CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #783/XML-RPC: arguments mixed up: [chatting] What is the code? What is the server version?12:52
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saxahey, which version you propose I should install ?22:55
saxaI would like to test it22:55
saxais there a page of requirements tryton wants ?22:56
saxaI should go probably with 1.0.2 correct ?22:56
saxaI have downloaded everything in there22:59
saxatoday there is nobody here ?23:00
bechamel`saxa: the 1.0.2 is the stable branch23:00
bechamel`saxa: and you can see what is new on the trunk version on the CHANGELOG files for each repository23:01
saxahi bechamel`23:06
saxathx, i'm already reading the instructions23:06
saxai have openerp installed already so probably i need only few things more23:06
saxapython-uno, pywebdav23:06
saxawhat more ?23:06
bechamel`saxa: for reporting you also need relatorio and genshi23:08
saxaoh ok23:08
saxathx, where can i find those ?23:09
saxalet me google23:09
bechamel`saxa: this page gives all the dependencies
bechamel`saxa: if you use debian
saxais good to use the lates available genshi and relatorio probably ?23:12
bechamel`saxa: yes23:13
bechamel`saxa: old genshi version (like the one available on etch) does not work with the last version of relatorio23:14
saxa <-- do i need both of those here ?23:16
saxado I need absolutely ez_install ?23:20
saxawhere can I find the source tarball to build it by myself ?23:20
bechamel`saxa: python_uno and openoffice-python are optional23:20
bechamel`it's only if you want pdf generation on server-side (by default odt are generated)23:21
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saxa/home/sasa/Desktop/tryton/relatorio-0.5.0/relatorio/templates/ UserWarning: Unable to load plugin 'chart', you will not be able to use it "to use it" % name)23:27
saxaI get this warning , is it of any meaning ?23:27
saxabechamel`: ok got it, i can install those later probably correct ?23:27
bechamel`saxa: yes it shouldn't be a problem23:28
yangoonsaxa: which OS are you running?23:28
yangoonsaxa: how did you install relatorio?23:29
saxayangoon: i'm on slamd64-12.223:31
saxaits a slackware version for amd64bit23:31
saxayangoon: i was building it and this message apeared23:32
saxaACTION is creating slackware packages for slamd6423:32
saxaso i can reinstall them on another machine23:32
yangoonsaxa: you could probably use easy_install?23:32
bechamel`saxa: this warning appear as soon as relatiori is imported: python -c "import relatorio" gives the same message. But it will not prevent tryton to run correctly23:33
saxayangoon: i dont want to use that tool23:35
saxaas it will create a bunch of stuff without my control23:36
saxabechamel`: thx, then relatorio is correct23:36
saxanow my problem is trytond trying to run that setuptools stuff23:36
saxais there a way to overcome that ?23:36
saxaI want to create a package first23:37
saxaso is there a way to tell tryotn to install everything into a tmp/tryton-pack23:37
saxaso I can pack it later ?23:37
bechamel`saxa: there is an option to force the install dir, but i don't remember it23:39
saxahmm, probably i need to check my setuptools build23:40
bechamel`saxa: actually "python build" put everything under build/23:41
saxabechamel`: yes, but I seem to have a problem with something related to setuptools23:46
saxaas when i do manually import setuptools in python i get the same error23:46
bechamel`saxa: strange23:48
vengfulsquirrelsaxa: I don't know if this will solve any of your problems but have you tried using virtualenv before ?  It lets your create an isolated setuptools directory for all the python packages easy install tries to install.  I think copying that directory to another system might not work correctly though.23:57
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