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vengfulsquirrelOn another note, is there a way to get stuff set in context?  For example to pass a partially filled form into a default_* method ?00:00
cedksaxa: you can use easy_install with -d option00:00
cedksaxa: or python --help install00:01
cedksaxa: for all the options00:01
cedkvengfulsquirrel: default is called before any input of the user00:03
saxavengfulsquirrel: will try that, thx00:03
cedksaxa: with easy_install, you have every depends that will be installed automaticly00:03
saxacedk: I installed all of my python packages with "python build" and then "python install --root /tmp/pkg-name"00:04
cedksaxa: but you must use a directory that is in your PYTHON_PATH00:04
saxaI'm just creating a package so the root option should serve to override00:04
saxaas it creates the package with /usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages blabla00:05
saxaso everything works up till now in that way00:05
saxaexcept this setuptools which i need to look more in detail with them00:05
cedksaxa: which one?00:06
saxaI installed already a dozen of packages in that way, never had a problem00:06
saxacedk: 0.6c900:06
saxashould be the last one00:06
saxacorrect ?00:06
cedksaxa: of what?00:07
saxasource i mean00:07
cedksaxa: you don't have setuptools installed ?00:08
cedksaxa: I don't understand what is the problem?00:09
saxacedk: i have setuptools installed, and I think that they are wrongly built00:12
cedksaxa: because?00:12
saxaor maybe is just a permissions issue , because i'm running python build as a normal user00:12
saxacedk: because I have probably build them in a wrong way, also if I doubt it.00:13
saxaok, its a permission issue, I run now as root python00:14
saxaand then import setuptools and it had imported them without a problem00:15
saxano single line of complain :)00:15
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cedksaxa: you don't have setuptools included in your distro?00:16
saxacedk: I think not00:17
saxaunless they are in python00:17
cedksaxa: no it is an external package but it is very common00:18
saxaslamd64-12.2 is shipped with python only00:18
saxacedk: I use slackware not ubuntu :)00:18
saxaso practically I need to build everything alone :)00:18
cedksaxa: it is not very useful00:18
saxahow you mean that ?00:19
cedksaxa: if there is not the common python modules provided with the distribution00:19
saxabut, you see, I like this stuff :) and I use slackware already from version nr.3 which was in 1997, so its diffivcult to me change it now :)00:20
saxacedk: its quick, as there are scripts, and its no problem to do it for me as i'm used to that already,00:20
saxaanyway, is there a way to force tryton to install the files in a temporary dir ?00:21
saxaso from there I can pack them00:21
saxait should be as openerp I installed it in that way ,00:21
saxaunless the base logic has changed completely00:22
bechamel`cedk: in debian, setuptools has his own package00:22
cedksaxa: Tryton is like any other python module00:23
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cedkbechamel`: I know, but debian provide a package to install it00:23
bechamel`cedk: yes00:24
cedksaxa: so you have all the options00:25
saxaI dont want to do as root python install as it will probably install them in a python dir on my system00:26
saxaand I will not be able to do a package00:26
saxaso all modules worked without root privs00:26
saxatryton should also00:26
cedksaxa: is there an issue?00:27
cedksaxa: what?00:28
saxawhen I do python build in trytond dir I get an error00:28
saxalet me paste the link00:28
saxaIOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/usr/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/relatorio-0.5.0-py2.5.egg-info/top_level.txt'00:29
cedksaxa: did you have relatorio installed?00:29
saxamaybe I made an error in relatorio00:29
saxalet me doublecheck00:30
cedksaxa: the egg-info is readable ?00:30
saxathats the thing, let me check00:31
saxacedk: you rules, there was a problem, in egginfo00:35
saxathx man00:35
saxaalready built the trytond00:35
saxait was chmod 600 in instead of 64400:35
saxainstalled it00:38
saxanow, I want to know, if the modules I need all of them installed to have a full functional ERP ?00:39
cedksaxa: you must install only the one you needs00:40
saxaall go installed the same way as trytond correct ?00:41
saxainto python00:41
cedksaxa: yes00:41
cedksaxa: be carefull that some modules depends on other modules00:41
cedkbut easy_install handle it for you if you installed with it00:42
saxaok, minimum is company probably ?00:42
saxacedk: I dont wont to know about easy install :)00:42
saxacedk: I know that site yes,00:51
saxawould be in any case nice if there would be a page with a hierarchy of the modules :)00:52
cedksaxa: all the information is in the setup.py00:53
cedksaxa: and I don't think it will be manageable to create a web page because it will depend of each version00:53
cedkand by the way, it is the work of the package manager00:54
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saxacedk: this only for distros which has a dependency checking00:58
saxaslackware has never had that00:58
saxaI know nobody likes slackware :)00:58
saxaanyway, if you want I can write up a page on wiki how to install it on slackware 64bit or better slamd6400:59
saxareading manifest template ''01:02
saxawarning: no files found matching 'TODO'01:02
saxawarning: no files found matching '*.odt'01:02
cedksaxa: If you want, but I need your google account01:02
saxagot that when doing a install of trytond_stoc_supply01:02
saxacedk: my google account is casaxa@gmail.com01:03
cedksaxa: this is not an issue01:03
saxacedk: its a warning which is ugly to see :)01:03
saxano problem :)01:03
saxajust a short question, why vatnumber is not named trytond_vatnumber ?01:06
saxawould be more elegant to handle it as a trytond module01:06
saxamaybe its just my opinion :)01:07
cedksaxa: It is a generic module that can be use any where01:07
cedksaxa: I add you to the wiki01:13
cedksaxa: the rules are: - don't duplicate info01:14
cedk- keep things simple01:14
cedkand try to have the same look and fell than the others pages01:14
saxahe left01:24
saxaanyway I built up all the stuff01:24
saxacan trytond and openerp-server run together ?01:24
saxaprobably they use both same ports correct ?01:24
saxaok sleep time01:35
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CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 269:33c0764e52c6 website/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/tryton.po: Update translation for de_DE11:04
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1548:3438eacbe971 trytond/trytond/workflow/ Re-read instance before calling _update_end12:13
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1549:67581d5297eb trytond/ (15 files in 7 dirs):12:13
CIA-10tryton: Allow to use related fields (many2one and reference) in read12:13
CIA-10tryton: Use rec_name function field instead of name_get and name_search12:13
CIA-10tryton: Remove get function on many2one field12:13
CIA-10tryton: Don't put record name in reference field12:13
CIA-10tryton: Handle rec_name in default_get so default value for many2one are now only id12:13
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1550:7c82c1bfd692 trytond/trytond/ (model/ wizard/ Clean up values from default_get for related fields12:14
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1551:3e4d53521e87 trytond/: merge12:14
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1181:d0ce2a9c91bc tryton/ (14 files in 7 dirs):12:14
CIA-10tryton: Use related fields in read12:14
CIA-10tryton: Remove name_search and name_get to use rec_name12:14
CIA-10tryton: Improve reference fields12:14
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 379:1da81c30a97c account/ (6 files):12:14
CIA-10tryton: Replace name_get, name_search with get_rec_name and search_rec_name12:14
CIA-10tryton: Return only id for default value of many2one12:14
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1182:7f1fdd90390b tryton/: merge12:14
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 380:d057823d2d85 account/ Fix typo12:14
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 264:84f72d66e7d9 account_invoice/
CIA-10tryton: Replace name_get, name_search with get_rec_name and search_rec_name12:14
CIA-10tryton: Return only id for default value of many2one12:14
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 26:db9348b9a36c account_product/
CIA-10tryton: Replace name_get, name_search with get_rec_name and search_rec_name12:14
CIA-10tryton: Return only id for default value of many2one12:14
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 113:2c862782d771 account_statement/ (
CIA-10tryton: Replace name_get, name_search with get_rec_name and search_rec_name12:14
CIA-10tryton: Return only id for default value of many2one12:14
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 59:0db791489cf8 analytic_account/ ( account.xml
CIA-10tryton: Replace name_get, name_search with get_rec_name and search_rec_name12:15
CIA-10tryton: Return only id for default value of many2one12:15
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 41:ef2a94b63c60 analytic_purchase/ Replace name_get, name_search with get_rec_name and search_rec_name12:15
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 124:30183d27e7f2 company/
CIA-10tryton: Replace name_get, name_search with get_rec_name and search_rec_name12:15
CIA-10tryton: Return only id for default value of many2one12:15
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 24:a5202f79ff27 country/ Replace name_get, name_search with get_rec_name and search_rec_name12:15
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CIA-10tryton: Fix decoding of reports in _set_report_translation for issue 78012:16
CIA-10tryton: base64 encoding introduced by changeset 1542:1fee1208a21f12:16
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #780/BadZipfile: File is not a zip file: [resolved] Applied12:16
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #783/XML-RPC: arguments mixed up: [resolved] The syntax have changed in the development branch.
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CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 125:3b5061940547 company/ Fix typo, use user_id instead of BrowseRecord12:36
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #782/DateWidget Problem: [testing] I think you have bind the disconnect to the BACKSPACE. Could you check?12:45
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 381:83fd7002912d account/ Translate move state in General Ledger for issue78112:57
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #781/Translation: General Ledger: [resolved] Fix with changeset 83fd7002912d for the state but the account name was already translated.12:57
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cedksaxa: did your installation work?13:27
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CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #781/Translation: General Ledger: [chatting] I have untranslated Write-Off in the ledger. s. screenshot.13:37
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saxacedk: yup14:18
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saxacedk_: yes it works14:27
saxaat least it starts both the client and the server14:27
saxanow I need to figure out why it dont want to create a database14:27
saxaneed to go now14:27
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CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #781/Translation: General Ledger: [resolved] This is the name of the move so it is not translatable.17:03
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #781/Translation: General Ledger: [chatting] I think, then it would be nice to have the name (Write-Off) stored in the database in the language of the company.17:58
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #781/Translation: General Ledger: [resolved] Fixed18:02
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #784/Layout: sums in m2o payment in invoices: [new] Attached screenshot shows, that the display for sum of Credit is truncated in the localized view.18:06
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #781/Translation: General Ledger: [chatting] Working on changeset: 381:83fd7002912d and getting always "Write-Off" in database and in report. Language of company is german, so it s ...18:22
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saxaok I tought one thing, looking some proprietary softwares for creating quotes and keep order in a company18:30
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saxamany of them have a funcion where you can import lines into a quote18:30
saxafrom a cvs or xls file18:30
saxathats a good thing when you have many lines to do manually18:30
saxaI sometimes have about 300-600 lines of quote18:31
yangoonsaxa: and who provides the cvs or xls file?18:31
saxado you know if tryton has some kind of functionality ?18:31
saxayangoon: customers18:31
saxamany times18:31
saxaalso suppliers18:31
saxaI receive lists from state companies for tenders with 200 items18:32
saxaor more18:32
saxathey prepare and give already electronical version of the inquiry18:32
yangoonsaxa: what do you need in such list? Product id and quantity?18:32
saxaa part number and quantity18:32
saxaI saw some of them provide this also in the selling part of the workflow18:33
saxaso if I have a pricelist in my erp, then I want to create a quote quickly to my customer18:34
saxaand he gave me those part nrs and quantities , they just do18:34
saxaopen a new quote form18:34
saxaclick import lines18:34
saxaand whala , you have the quote ready18:35
saxaof course you select a file with the lines already in18:35
bechamelsaxa: does those files follow any standard ?18:35
saxaits better than doing by hand one by one18:35
saxabechamel: in the spare parts business yes18:35
saxayou always have a part number18:36
saxawhich is never same for 2 different producers18:36
saxaeverybody has its own product scheme18:36
saxaso for example, caterpillar has part numbers in that way18:37
bechamelsaxa: so it's a csv whit only "part number, qty" as columns ?18:37
saxaor 123-456718:37
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #781/Translation: General Ledger: It is fixed with changeset 979f72667e7f18:37
saxakomatsu has them18:37
yangoonyangoon: I think it should be easy to rework such csv files to only contain id and quantity18:37
saxayes I think thats not a problem to do18:38
saxawhen you have such a file in excel its no problem18:38
saxayou can then do whatever you need18:38
saxaimportant is to have this 2 fields18:38
saxapart number and quantity18:38
cedksaxa: it will be very easy to create a simple wizard to do the job18:39
saxagood to know that18:39
cedksaxa: depending of the input format, but I think it could be done with ~20 lines of code18:39
saxathat would be a really nice addition18:39
cedksaxa: but it depends of the format18:39
saxawhat is the key thing in here ?18:40
saxaI think a button should be visible in the quote window18:40
saxawhere somebody can easily select a file18:40
saxathen the format is not much important18:41
saxaas in excel you can move it however you want18:41
cedksaxa: yes, it is very simple to create a module that adds a import excel button (with a specific format)18:42
bechamelare there any python lib to handle native xls format ?18:43
saxabechamel: i think it can be also csv , which is practically text18:44
saxaok, I will try to code some things about this18:44
saxatime time time, only this is the missing part :)18:44
saxaanyway, do you have any idea how can I specify to tryton which role to use for postgres ?18:45
saxaits in etc/tyrtond.conf ?18:45
saxaas I saw there is not much cmd line options18:45
bechamelsaxa: role ? you mean user ?18:46
cedksaxa: yes, most option are set with the conf file18:47
bechamelcedk: " Last Update: Oct 26 2005  "18:48
cedkbechamel: otherwise there is the COM interface but it works only on win3218:48
bechamelcedk: yes18:49
saxacedk: but I saw yesterday, when creating the package, the conf file is not automatically copied into /etc/trytond.conf18:53
saxaI mean by setup.py18:53
saxaI probably need to copy it in /etc18:54
saxabut then tryton will know its there ?18:54
cedksaxa: setup tools can not create file in /etc18:55
cedksaxa: so you must copy it18:55
saxacedk: ok thx,18:59
saxahow can I correct that error I get about not haveing the correct encoding19:02
-!- Timitos(n=Timitos@ has joined #tryton19:02
saxaany ideas ?19:04
saxaprobably I need to recreate the database correct ?19:04
saxabtw, when I was creating the postgres user it asked if the user should be allowed to creat new roles19:05
saxai said no19:05
saxais this correct ?19:05
saxado i need to permit the creation of new roles ?19:06
cedksaxa: you need to have utf-8 support in postgresql19:07
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1183:c5e47559ff9f tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/model/ Reset rec_name when value is set to False19:20
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1184:66016e037607 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/ ( Fix return value of Dialog for many2one19:20
saxacedk: hmm, I think it should be19:22
saxaneed to check that19:22
yangooncedk: for issue 781: couldn't find changeset 979f72667e7f19:25
yangooncedk: did you push it? where is it?19:27
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 382:979f72667e7f account/ translate 'Write-Off' in move.line reconcile19:27
cedkyangoon: done19:27
yangooncedk ah ok, thx!19:27
saxaok I tried to do su - postgres to log as the postgres user19:28
saxathen I issued \encoding19:28
saxaand it showed LATIN119:28
saxaI changed it by19:28
saxaSET client_encoding =' UTF8?';19:29
saxaand it showed the encoding utf819:29
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saxanow it says the same error as before19:29
saxado i need a thing to be set up in the database somwhere else ?19:29
saxamaybe cleanup the database19:29
cedksaxa: which version of postgresql19:33
CIA-10tryton: htgoebel roundup * #782/DateWidget Problem: Cédric Krier schrieb: > I think you have bind the disconnect to the BACKSPACE. While I never changed this file, deleting ~/.trytonsc solved the ...19:36
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saxacedk: postgres 8.3.x19:39
saxanow I was trying to initdb -E UTF8 but it claims that is different from the locale19:40
saxaI should probably correct my locale I use here19:40
saxasu postgres -c "initdb -D /var/lib/pgsql/data"19:40
saxasu postgres -c "initdb -D /var/lib/pgsql/data"19:40
saxasu postgres -c "initdb -D /var/lib/pgsql/data -E UTF8"19:40
saxabut wont create it19:41
yangoonsaxa: I think you don't need to have the cluster in UTF8, but the db19:41
yangoonsaxa: so you should do createdb -E UTF8 for the database19:42
yangoonsaxa: and if it needs locales you have add them19:42
saxayangoon: already created a cluster in UTF819:44
saxado you think this will be a problem ?19:44
yangoonsaxa: it seems to be a performance penalty19:45
saxaShall the new role be allowed to create more new roles? (y/n)19:47
yangoonsaxa: n19:47
saxawhat is correct tanswer here ?19:47
yangoonsaxa: new database yes19:48
yangoonsaxa: if you want to create from client19:48
saxait asks only this19:48
-!- Timitos(n=Timitos@ has joined #tryton19:50
yangoonsaxa: you can only create new databases from the client, if the postgres user in trytond.conf is allowed to do19:50
saxalast thing19:51
saxahow can I say that the role I want to use is not my user but tryton one19:51
saxaopenerp has something like -U19:51
yangoontryton user != postgres user19:51
saxado I need to do this in the server or client part ?19:51
saxayangoon: I'm sunning now tryton as my linux user19:52
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #782/DateWidget Problem: You can change it directly in the menu.19:52
saxaso postgres automatically looks for a role sasa which doesnt exist19:52
yangoonsaxa:  access to postgres is set in trytond.conf19:52
saxaI probably need to tell this to the server19:52
yangoonsaxa: if you connect with psql, then it is -U, yes19:54
saxathere was a problem in my cmd line19:54
saxai had -config instead --config19:54
saxanot it created the db19:54
saxaseems everything is ok now19:54
yangoonsaxa: gr8, yes, -c or --config19:55
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #785/NameError: name 'domain_invoice' is not defined: [new] Clicking add button on wizard "Handle invoice exception" Traceback (most recent call last): File "/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_ ...20:07
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #786/Selection with tab completion only returns subset of all correct records: [new] s. screenshot: Input of just 8 in the select box of the account and hitting tab returns just two records, but there are many more beginning ...20:17
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 241:cefaa2d9ddff purchase/ Remove LocalService20:24
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 130:21c2265a4a86 sale/ Remove LocalService20:24
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #787/AttributeError: 'BrowseRecordList' object has no attribute 'sale_uom': [new] Setting "Use taxes from category" as default on new product in sales order. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/protocols/n ...20:25
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cristi_anTimitos: hi there20:30
cristi_anin your countries is there a difference in how stock is evaluated depending on which type stock you have ?20:31
cristi_ani mean if you have a shop stock is avaluated on the sale price including vat (in ro)20:32
cristi_anand if you have like a warehouse stock is evaluated on the cost price20:32
cristi_anor price without vat20:32
cristi_andepending on choice20:32
saxacedk: yangoon , thanks for your time20:34
saxait seems it works ok20:34
saxai will begin playing a little with it and then I will report you things I like and what I dont :)20:35
saxaanyway, nice job , hope this can really become a standard program for many companies :)20:36
cristi_annoone here ?20:39
vengfulsquirrelcristi_an: I'm here, I just don't know anything about VAT.20:45
cristi_anit seems that in romania law arte so diffrent from rest of countries20:45
cristi_anand this make me impossilbe to use current modules :(20:46
cristi_anso many supid things i need to done...unfortunatelly20:46
cristi_anis there some accountant among you ? (here in tryton commnunity)20:47
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bechamelcristi_an: I'M have no knowledge in accounting stuff too21:08
bechameloups, /'M//21:08
cristi_ancedk is the all in one man ?21:12
carloscristi_an:  my knowledge is limited but maybe I could help you21:15
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cedkcristi_an: I don't see what is your question21:35
cristi_anthx carlos21:36
cristi_anwe talked abou this..before a little but i documented mysqlf better how law is in romania21:37
cristi_anif you sell things in a shop for example you are froced to keep stock valuation on the selling price21:37
cristi_anthat is the price that includes vat21:38
cristi_anin a warehouse you may keep stock valuation (or how stock is evaluated) or the cost price or selling price wihtout vat21:38
cristi_ani am courious how tryton handle stock valuatiion (or how stock iss evalutated)21:39
cedkcristi_an: you can set what you want on the cost price, but I find your explaination not very logical21:39
cristi_anwhat is not logic ?21:40
cristi_anwhat part is not clear ?21:41
cristi_anwe have differnce btween selloign endetail ans en-gros21:41
cedkcristi_an: why the cost price of a product depends of the location21:41
cristi_anvalue of a stock in a location where you do en detail is calculated differntly then on a location where you do en-gros21:42
cristi_ancedk: that is the law here...21:42
cedkcristi_an: I still find this not logical21:43
cristi_anin belgium is not the same ?21:43
cristi_anor in france since romania coped a lot from france21:43
cedkcristi_an: I don't know but for me you must choose one21:44
cedkevaluation with cost price or evalutation with sale price21:44
cedkbut not mix both21:44
cristi_anthis is / company ?21:45
cristi_anor / location ?21:45
cedkchoose one by company21:46
carloscristi_an: in general, I think it should be per company or that would be a mess21:46
cristi_anthat is not good for me :(21:46
cristi_anthis supid law makers21:46
cristi_anwhy we have to be always be diffrent then rest...21:47
cristi_an(this is self question :)21:47
carloscristi_an: but what's the point of having a warehouse with cost price and another with sale price?21:48
cristi_ancarlos: unfortunatelly i can;t find a translated document related to this21:51
cristi_ani do not know reasons21:51
cristi_anwhy the law specifies this21:51
carlosand what do you do when you move something from one to the other?21:51
cristi_ansimple: it is called transfer and you subtract from location x the value of the product in that location and you add in the new lcoation the product accordign to the evaluation mode in thta location21:55
carlosso you still need the original cost of the product in both places21:56
carlosotherwise you are not able to recalculate it21:56
-!- enlightx( has joined #tryton21:57
cristi_anas you see there22:00
cristi_anassessment at the retail selling price (retail).22:00
cristi_anevaluation price wholesale (wholesale22:01
udonoI didn't know that tryton has a stock valuation at all, cristi_an where I can find this?22:04
cristi_ani just ask if tryton supoprs such crap that we must do in Romania22:05
cristi_anmaybe in Germany you do not need that stuff22:05
udonocristi_an: of course we need stock valuation in germany. Its for find out the value of a company on year-end22:07
udonocristi_an: and I don't think that romanian law is this different to other laws22:08
cristi_anbut you have that in tryton22:09
cristi_ani talked about having different stock valuation depepending on location22:09
cristi_anfrom what i know i this is a particular case for romania22:09
cristi_ani wondered if there is a workaround in tryton22:10
udonocristi_an: stock location are just virtual things, they try to build your real stocks or shelfs22:11
udonocristi_an: I don't think that they are valuated different for the tax-authority.22:11
cristi_anin germany no22:12
cristi_anbut in romania is a  little be more complicated...22:12
cristi_anmaybe i did not explained very well22:12
udonocristi_an: and I think in romania no, too, I think22:12
cristi_ando you have like 5 minutes...?22:13
cristi_ani can write an exple to you on paste bin :)22:13
udonocristi_an: you do not need a stock at all when making business, in romania, I believe22:13
udonocristi_an: you just buy some stuff22:15
cristi_anjust a sec...22:15
cristi_ani write the sample22:15
udonocristi_an: ok22:15
udonocristi_an: for me it seems impossible22:21
cristi_annow this is how things are in ro...22:21
udonofirm x and warehouse x are the same company?22:21
cristi_ansame comapny of course22:22
cristi_anin the first place warehouse you give to customer an invoice like b2b22:23
udonocristi_an: so there are may companys in ro which try to save money and move from one internal location to another?22:23
cristi_anand in the second secnario you seel to a client22:23
cristi_anno...this is how it works...22:23
udonocristi_an: what do you mean by stock valuation exactly?22:24
cristi_anthe value of the stock... ?22:24
cristi_anwhen you do inventory22:24
cristi_anfor example22:24
udonocristi_an: ok, then we mean the same22:25
cristi_anthe value of the stock is's value ...dependign on how value is defined22:25
udonocristi_an: is it better to have a high or low stock value in ro?22:25
cristi_anwell it beats me...i have to ask the accountant for this...but it does not matter in terms of taxes i guess22:26
cedkcristi_an: the documentation explain that the price must be the sale price depending of the "marketing"22:27
cedkcristi_an: so for me you can not switch from one valuation to an other22:28
cristi_anthe link i gave you ?22:28
cristi_anFor these reasons, the goods are an exception in the stock since they are assessed in a particular way:22:30
cristi_an      evaluation price wholesale (wholesale);22:31
cedkcristi_an: the document is not very clear (perhaps the translation)22:31
cristi_an     assessment at the retail selling price (retail).22:31
udonobut cristi_an, when you buy things, you decide in which location you put them in.22:31
cedkcristi_an: but for me it is very strange that you can change the evaluation price of a product22:31
cristi_anit is only about account 37122:31
cristi_ani will try to find...some official docs22:32
cristi_anin english22:32
udonocristi_an: and when you decide where to store the goods, it can hardly change the value22:33
cedkand what define a location (for one or another valuation)22:33
udonocristi_an: just ask timitos tomorrow, maybe he understand this.22:34
udonocristi_an: anyway Tryton has no module for stock valuation at all, afaik.22:34
cristi_anjok thx guys22:35
cristi_ani will search for better explained docs....22:35
cedkudono: I don't know if the way OpenERP does is right22:36
udonocristi_an: ok, and ask some officials in ro, maybe a misunderstanding of the law text...22:37
cedkudono: if yes, writing a module will not take too much time22:37
udonocedk: That's better to discuss with Timitos, cos he learned this in university.22:37
udonocedk: Yes, I think so, too.22:38
udonocedk: Another topic: what can be the problem, when I cannot choose a language in Trytons create database?22:38
udonocedk: the list is simply empty22:38
cedkudono: connection problem22:39
udonocedk: Got it. In deed, connection problem :-)22:41
cedkudono: I'm not sure about this way, because it looks the same as the average cost price22:54
cedkudono: any way, I will ask Timitos22:55
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