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cristi_anudono: you are here ?08:08
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cristi_ancarlos: hi there08:36
cristi_ando you have a min or 2 ?08:36
carloscristi_an: hi08:36
carloscristi_an: sure08:36
cristi_anhow can io confirm a package...08:36
cristi_ani just can;t do that in demo version08:36
cristi_anyou can try yourself since it is on demo server08:37
cristi_anbut i just can' confirm packge...from a purchase i did08:37
carlosI didn't 'play' yet with purchases08:38
carlosso that's also new for me08:38
cristi_anbut in tersm of cost price you know if fixed price is specified...08:40
cristi_anif then does not matter purchase price i do for that product ?08:41
carlosBeing sincer, I'm a bit lost with your thread, so I don't think I could help you right now with that, maybe in the future... sorry08:44
cristi_ani just tried my luck ....08:46
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carlosI'm sure someone will answer today ;-)08:52
cristi_ani know...people are friendly here08:54
cristi_anthat is one reason i choosed tryton :)08:54
carloscristi_an: btw, was the openerp book helpful?09:08
cristi_anyes and no :)09:22
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udonocristi_an: Hi, when you want to confirm a package, there needed to be some products in stock.10:15
cristi_anwhat i did is to create a purchase10:16
cristi_ani bought some products10:16
cristi_ani confirmed the purchase ,payed the generated invoice10:17
cristi_anbut...i just can't find hpw to confirm package10:17
udonocristi_an: ah, ok, you don't find the menu entry.10:20
udonocristi_an: Think about what it is confirming a package... it is done in Stock10:20
udonocristi_an: just take a look at Inventory Management, Customer Packings, Customer Packings waiting Assignation10:22
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cristi_anbut this is a packege from a supplier10:26
cristi_ansince is a purchase10:26
cristi_ani found move from suppliers waiting approval10:29
cristi_anbut there is not action for confirm10:30
cristi_anthey are still in draft10:30
cristi_annot updateble10:30
udonocristi_an: hmm10:33
cristi_anit is on demo server10:33
cristi_anso it can be seen by anyone...10:33
udonocristi_an: which supplier?10:38
udonocristi_an: ok, its B10:39
cristi_ansupplier B10:40
udonocristi_an: For supplier you need to create a new supplier packing. That sounds strange, but is convenient for all cases. Because it could be that you order something from a suplier and he delivers less or other parts. So you need to change the packing...10:41
udonocristi_an: just try, there is a new widget a many2many whit functions of a one to many...10:41
cristi_anwhere ?10:42
udonoinventory > Supplier Packings > New Supplier Packing10:42
cristi_anand i have to create a packing with all product that i receive ?10:43
cristi_anmanually ?10:43
udonocristi_an: on incoming moves you can select the moves you created in Purchase, or just add some more moves, when the supplier sends you more or less or other products...10:44
udonocristi_an: of course manually. This process need to be manually10:44
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udonocristi_an: in fact you open the pack from the supplier and check if everything is all right. That's manually..10:45
cristi_anudono: incoming moves are empty10:45
cristi_ani have to slect supplier10:45
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udonocristi_an: you need to say frm which Supplier you got the package...10:46
cristi_ani got it10:46
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cristi_anhmmm....but this path is excuse me not the right path to do...since:10:47
cristi_anin most cases thre is no mistakes dome10:47
cristi_anlike 5 % of purchses may be mistaken10:47
cristi_anless or more...10:48
cristi_anand thre has to be made something to treat those exceptions ,not a general case ...for all10:48
udonocristi_an: in most cases... but this model is flexible enough to take care of the other cases. One usual case is: you order 100 but get just 90 in one package. Ten days later you get the last 10 in a separate package.10:48
cristi_anyes but in most cases i receive 10010:49
cristi_anso the right10:49
udonocristi_an: the problem with a hard link between purchase requests and packings is that you don't know how the things are delivered.10:49
cristi_ani have to get used to this logic...10:50
cristi_anhere no program does such things...10:50
udonocristi_an: yes, but this way you can exactly see what is missing.10:50
cristi_anok but the invoice is done...based on the 10010:51
cristi_anor or 90 units10:51
cristi_anin case you descirbed...10:51
cristi_anlet's say they do not send you back 10 more products10:51
udonocristi_an: yust test and report bugs10:51
cristi_anudono: one more thing  :)11:01
cristi_anhere the custom is that people make order by phone...i want 100 units of x and then next day the car arrive with the invoce from supplier...with the merchendise...11:02
cristi_anpeopel in one move ...create an invoice...11:02
cristi_anand they ahve producs on stock11:02
cristi_anONE STEP11:03
cristi_anin tryton you create the purhcase order,11:03
cristi_anthen confirm invoice11:03
cristi_ancreate packing11:03
cristi_anthere are tooooo many stept to put a product on stock ! way to general for a vert simple operation ....11:04
udonocristi_an: The one step thing works in a very small and condensed environment of business. The modules in Tryton are considered generic and usable in all environments we know about. But it is no problem to make the things more easy for the user. But the mechanism we have can solve a lot of problems of other software. Next version we will get a sale_simple and a purchase_simple module which went into the direction of SOHO companies.11:10
cristi_ancool !11:11
cristi_ansoho menaing ?11:12
cristi_annot really small is too general to make a program based only on wiki defintions...11:13
cristi_anwe have to take into consideration real aspects from market11:14
cristi_ani am in this bussines in for last 5 years..for mid ,small companies...11:15
cristi_antold you > 5000 invoices/ month11:15
cristi_anand the can; tbe considered small ofiice or home office ..11:15
udonocristi_an: don't understand11:16
cristi_ansale_simple and a purchase_simple  are not for hoem and small ofiices :)11:17
cristi_anhuge companies use well11:17
cristi_andependign on how they work11:17
cristi_anit might be a small office that use current way11:17
cristi_anor a big comanythat need small_sale...11:17
udonocristi_an: yes, right11:23
yangooncristi_an: udono: just reading messages of this morning12:00
yangoonudono: Until now I am also accustomed to handle supplier packages package based, not move line based12:02
yangoonand I understand the input of cristi_an to do it package based12:03
yangoonwhat doesn't mean, that you cannot change an incoming package for additional/lacking items12:03
yangoonso it would just be a matter of creating another new package with the lacking items, if there should be those12:04
yangoonthis would indeed save the time to have to create the package12:05
udonoyangoon: for me a on_change on supplier name could update the moves in the packings from this supplier.12:37
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cristi_anyangoon: something like you say indeed13:47
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cristi_anudono: what this means "for me a on_change on supplier name could update the moves in the packings from this supplier"15:57
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cristi_ancedk: u entered in the weekend night shift ?23:07
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