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CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1978:448c5a919032 trytond/trytond/backend/sqlite/ Add split_part function to SQLite01:14
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gourhuh, was already afraid something happened with #tryton, but it was just net-split :-)08:25
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CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1394:fccc77af5d8f tryton/tryton/gui/window/ ( Remove old url for server connection09:45
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gourif i'd make the module for handling patients in tryton and would like to use it as database back-end for another desktop app written in haskell, what would be the optimal protocol for communication between haskell client and tryton?11:02
Timitosgour: i think xml-rpc or net-rpc. there are some code snippets in the wiki:
cedknetrpc is only for python11:12
gouryeah...there is xml-rpc for haskell11:17
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CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1979:7ae301ff234a trytond/trytond/ir/ Allow rpc on today() of ir.date12:07
CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 81:2de072dd2ce8 currency/ Allow rpc of compute()12:07
CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 82:9aaba992833d currency/ Added ondelete cascade between currency and rate12:07
CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 83:c9751bbe5a11 currency/tests/ Added tests12:07
CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 84:02bb9c322eb6 currency/ Fix _rpc usage12:19
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CIA-2matb roundup * #1147/Tax rounding issue with one line:12:32
CIA-2[new] Creating an invoice line with12:32
CIA-2123.75 h x 50 and tax 19% results in tryon to base 6187.50 and tax amount 1175.6212:32
CIA-2but it calculates to 1175 ...12:32
CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1980:3b464dfd0453 trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix _rpc usage12:38
CIA-2ced roundup * #1147/Tax rounding issue with one line:12:46
CIA-2[invalid] It is correct. The rounding method uses is half to even.12:46
CIA-2paepke roundup * #1147/Tax rounding issue with one line:12:59
CIA-2[chatting] at least in germany there is a DIN 1333 Norm:
CIA-2these are the examples extracted from the german ...12:59
CIA-2matb roundup * #1147/Tax rounding issue with one line: Ok, then we will have to discuss for Germany, if this method is acceptable according to German accounting provisions. Because AFAIK in Germany we ...12:59
CIA-2ced roundup * #1147/Tax rounding issue with one line: I find that the half away from zero is not good for accounting because there is never or not very often negative amount to counterbalance the uppe ...13:10
CIA-2matb roundup * #1148/Client does not connect to server started afterwards: [new] If the server is started after the client (or restarted), the client does not connect any more, but has to be restarted, too.13:28
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CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 202:df9ed75b68ff stock_supply/ Removed dead code16:28
gouri was wondering why trytond is failing to start here and after enabling stdin/stderr in init script i found out the following -
gouris it possible to get some more gracious feedback due to wrong paths in trytond.conf ?17:18
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gourcedk: here is the mail i got from medical dev -
bechamelgour: he didn't care to answer your question17:35
gourbechamel: well, he is, at least, informed about it17:37
bechamelgour: yes17:38
gourbechamel: however, maybe it's better to start from the scratch and write more general module which can be useful for wider audience...something like gcstar - e.g.
gourwhat do you think?17:40
carlosgour: I guess it depends on how fast do you need something and how easy is to port it to Tryton17:43
gourcarlos: well, porting medical to triton would certainly involve lot of stripping 'cause our environment is quite different17:44
Timitosgour: if you have the time it is always better first to create a small generic module and to extend it by custom modules17:44
bechamelit depends of the analyse you will do (or you already have done) and it's difficult to answer you because I don't know how you work and what do you need exactly, it depends how the medical module can fit or not with your workflow. Moreover it depends also on some stuff that doens't seems to be well designed in the medical module17:45
Timitossuch modules could be reused more easy17:45
gouri just tested SSL with tryton and did not have tiem to start even with 'hello world' module for tryton, so it's difficult to say how different are the two envs17:45
gouryeah, i'm also for careful analysis and not rushing...for the beginning we can track those client's data somewhere and enter 'em later into proper system which can incrementally evolve17:46
gourhowever, whatever route i choose i have to master tryton development a bit :-)17:47
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cedkGuys, release 1.4 is coming, any help is welcome to reach to goals: or any TODO in repos18:06
Timitoscedk: maybe i can take this one: Allow to use email in place of request18:12
Timitoscedk: as i need to leave soon today i will talk to you tomorrow about this18:12
cedkTimitos: that is not a little job :-)18:15
cedkTimitos: for me, it is the harder of the list18:15
Timitoscedk: i think all of them are not that little. i don't know about your ideas of this part. maybe i do not see your intention18:16
Timitoscedk: do you want to create a full email-client instead of request?18:17
cedkTimitos: globally, it is to allow to receive email instead of request18:17
cedkTimitos: yes18:17
yangoon cedk I have someone willing to test and contribute (evtl.) to oracle backend, who has a full licence18:17
Timitoscedk: ok. then this is not a little job :-) but interesting18:17
cedkTimitos: but it can start simply with a email warning18:18
yangooncedk: but I think it is too short until release date18:18
cedkyangoon: it can be started and we will see18:18
cedkyangoon: even integrated for beta18:18
Timitoscedk: lets talk tomorrow18:19
cedkyangoon: sqlite port was pretty fast18:21
cedkyangoon: and perhaps the most complicate as it is not full SQL compliant18:21
yangooncedk: I will have to take a look and ask the interested party18:23
yangooncedk: I have neither oracle nor DB218:23
cedkyangoon: it should be a good marketing stuff to have Oracle backend18:25
cedkyangoon: by the way, did you test my patch?18:25
yangooncedk: for the marketing: YES18:25
yangooncedk: for the patch: still testing;) seems not to change anything18:26
yangooncedk: second run with account and party_bank preinstalled now takes 120 min and is not finished18:27
yangooncedk: first run with only party_bank installed took exactly the same time as without patch18:27
yangooncedk: ans yes, the patch is installed:)18:27
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cedkyangoon: for the installation, we can not really improve it18:31
cedkyangoon: it is for the update18:31
yangooncedk: ok, update is next step18:33
cedkyangoon: for install, the only thing we see, will be to drop indexes to speed up the INSERT18:35
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yangooncedk: could be a good point, as indexing seems to take a lot of time18:39
yangooncedk: can this be made inside the transaction?18:40
cedkyangoon: I don't think18:41
yangooncedk: then it is dangerous when the install breaks18:42
cedkyangoon: why?18:44
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yangooncedk: dangerous is too much said: if someone interrupts the long install, he is left behind without the indices18:47
cedkyangoon: which is not a real issue18:48
yangooncedk: the indices of which you are speaking are those automatically created by postgres?18:50
cedkyangoon: no, I don't think postgres create automatically indexes18:56
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1981:5586a3010cf4 trytond/ (CHANGELOG TODO trytond/model/ Use the module dependency order to apply views that inherits19:08
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1982:caec6eac53ee trytond/trytond/ir/ merge19:08
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1983:8d5707580904 trytond/CHANGELOG: Add missing CHANGELOG19:09
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 85:75d651d3bbc0 currency/CHANGELOG: Add missing CHANGELOG19:11
gourACTION is going to start playing with tryton by trying out 'hello world' module from the wiki (it would be nice if the text would be polished a little bit)19:24
goursince the server has to be aware of all the modules available, there is no way to extend the default path where he server can find them?19:26
gouri'm asking in regards to development is it possible to work 'locally'?19:27
cedkgour: no because the module name must be unique19:32
cedkgour: but I work with symlink19:32
gour(except fiddling with ..'modules' folder's perms)19:33
cedkgour: locally, you mean not root?19:33
cedkgour: you can download the source in your local folder19:34
gourserver is installed system-wide19:34
cedkgour: installation is for production19:34
gourheh, i'm aware of that possibility...ok19:34
cedkgour: it is like that I work19:35
gourcedk: it looks that i should keep releases for the packaging and install locally from the trunk for playing/learning/developing...19:36
gouriirc, wiki mentions forest-extension, probably to have all the modules in a proper place...i was trying with hg, but then used bzr more (when wanting to migrate from darcs), but now i'm back on darcs :-)19:37
cedkgour: I wrote a script that fetch all in once19:38
gourcedk: cool. where it is?19:38
cedkgour: if you plan to write module for 1.2, you should use the 1.2 branch19:39
gourcedk: i believe 1.4 will be out sooner than i'd be able to write a module :-)19:40
gourexcept if tryton really has RAPID learning curve :-D19:40
gourACTION is fetching with the script19:42
cedkgour: 1.4 is for 19 October, see
gourcedk: yes, it's 'close'19:42
gourACTION thinks there are too many DVC-s outside19:43
gourahh, 'Clone module analytic_account failed!' due to abort: destination '/home/gour/repos/hg/hgforest' is not empty :-/19:45
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gouri'm trying to run tryton locally from the trunk - here is what i got -
gourahh, the symlink for modules was it's ok21:16
gourACTION is running dev server 1.3.0 :-)21:18
vengfulsquirrelThis is a very broad question so don't kill me.  If I'm having seemingly unpredictable performance problems where would I start debugging those?23:33
cedkvengfulsquirrel: your code :-)23:39
cedkvengfulsquirrel: or better last changes23:39
cedkvengfulsquirrel: joke apart, generally, I start by putting a print statement of the queries in backend/postgresql/ in cursor.execute23:41
cedkvengfulsquirrel: most of the time, it is a bad code that generate a lot of SQL queries23:41
vengfulsquirrelYeah its pretty much always been a problem, maybe my computer is just too slow.23:41
vengfulsquirrelOkay that's a good idea23:41
cedkvengfulsquirrel: did you have the same with the demo server?23:42
vengfulsquirrelLike loading the list of sales right now takes about 5 minutes and uses over 50% of my cpu23:42
vengfulsquirrelOh yeah I can try that23:42
cedkvengfulsquirrel: how much sales?23:42
vengfulsquirrelha hold on let me list them23:42
vengfulsquirrelIs the code for the demo server open ?23:43
vengfulsquirrelMaybe its a relation I added to customer shipments.23:43
cedkvengfulsquirrel: what do you mean by code?23:44
vengfulsquirrelLike during development if I find something that I think is a problem but not my problem to try it out on trunk I need to initial the database with data that satisfies all the necessary relations.23:46
vengfulsquirrelSo I guess like the code that initializes the database for the demo server.23:47
cedkvengfulsquirrel: the demo runs the last version from mercurial of branch 1.223:47
vengfulsquirrel82 sales23:59

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