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vengfulsquirrelwoakas: Hey I changed some of the wording, obviously feel free to change it back or tell me if you don't like anything and I will modify it.00:18
woakasvengfulsquirrel: ok00:19
CIA-2vengfulsquirrel * r740 /wiki/ Updated the wording on the HelloWorld page.01:11
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CIA-2daniel.baumann82 * r741 /wiki/ Listing Matthias for Debian as well, Tryton Debian packages are team maintained.09:06
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gourwhat would be tryton's equivalent (if applicable) to openerp's osv?12:21 * r742 /wiki/ Moving CodeSnippets to RemoteCalls.13:02 * r743 /wiki/ Rewording CodeSnippets to be the top page of a collection.13:02 * r744 /wiki/ Creating page ViewsAndActions.13:02 * r745 /wiki/ Updating menu to reflect new document structure.13:02 * r746 /wiki/ Updating label.14:07 * r747 /wiki/ Updating label, correcting typos.14:07
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vengfulsquirrelDoes anyone else have trunk setup with data right now ?18:57
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vengfulsquirrelgour: I think osv was heavily factored and things were renamed, but its just the entire object system, here is some info,
vengfulsquirrelI don't know why but google groups search is totally useless but I can find it in my email.20:56
gourvengfulsquirrel: thanks. i'm asking in case to see how it would be to port medical to tryton20:57
vengfulsquirrelgour: well with the renaming you'd have to just change all the class prototypes, but that's not too big of a deal,  I mean I'm sure there is a bunch of other little things as well20:59
vengfulsquirreludono: Looks like they win at everything.20:59
vengfulsquirrelI find it weird that they spend time on that21:04

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