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CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 353:38269419bfc4 website/ (6 files in 5 dirs): Add developer groups11:01
CIA-2Mathias Behrle <> default * 1398:5b39232504dc tryton/CHANGELOG: Adding forgotten entry in CHANGELOG.11:26
CIA-2ced roundup * #1169/Forgotten changelog entry: [resolved] Applied11:26
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CIA-2ced roundup * #1144/New module to include in Tryton:11:56
CIA-2[chatting] The code looks good but I have some remarks about the interest of the module included in Tryton.11:56
CIA-2- It adds only one field to party.p ...11:56
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 504:7f153d255a53 account/ Use IN_MAX in get_credit_debit for issue116012:25
CIA-2ced roundup * #1160/Print tral balance, error too many SQL variables: [resolved] Fix with changeset 7f153d255a5312:25
cedkudono: ping12:30
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CIA-2matb roundup * #1160/Print tral balance, error too many SQL variables:13:21
CIA-2[chatting] I have a question for Fix with changeset 7f153d255a53:13:21
CIA-2AFAIS the fix splits the number of the ids handed over to the cursor to IN_MA ...13:21
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udonocedk: estimated timout for 60 Minutes13:38
CIA-2ced roundup * #1160/Print tral balance, error too many SQL variables: On 11/09/09 13:21 +0200, Mathias Behrle wrote: > > Mathias Behrle <> added the comment: > > I have a question for Fix with ...13:50
cedkudono: ok ping me when back13:53
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 505:41fd3219ac8d account/ Use reduce_ids13:57
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 2008:bbda86c05c14 trytond/trytond/
CIA-2Add commit for login cursor.13:58
CIA-2It will allow to make some database processing during login.13:58
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 2009:ec3634e73bd6 trytond/ (CHANGELOG trytond/res/ Add old_password to set_preferences of res.user on password change13:58
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1399:a0e501d0240f tryton/ (CHANGELOG tryton/gui/window/ Ask previous password for set_preferences on password change13:58
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 0:9791b08c4b57 ldap_connection/ (12 files in 2 dirs): Initial commit of module ldap_connection14:05
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 0:8ad5a3c97e4b ldap_authentification/ (13 files in 2 dirs): Initial commit of ldap_authentification14:10
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bechameldoes someone knows what "bitte senden Sie an diese Email zukünftig keine Emails mehr " means ?14:50
bechamellet me guess : something like please don't send me mail anymore or something like that ?14:50
udonobechamel: yes, you are right14:51
udonobechamel: BTW its german14:52
bechameludono: thanks14:52
bechamel I'm not very smart, I should have though about  using google translate :-/14:53
udonobechamel: you are smart enough to translate it by yourself...14:58
udonocedk: ping14:58
bechameludono: my german is improving without any trainings :)15:03
cedkudono: I receive a notification about your email addresse used for roundup that the user is unknown15:08
cedkbechamel: don't care about people that can not unsubscribe to a mailing list15:08
cedkudono: you should check your email account15:09
bechamelcedk: I already told him to do it by himself on google groups (in english)15:10
CIA-2udono roundup * #1171/testissue: [new] sorry... needed.15:15
udonocedk: seems to work15:16
cedkudono: maybe a temporary failure15:16
cedkudono: I forward the email15:16
udonocedk: thanks15:16
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 3:d5e7dc8d4408 product_price_list/ Fix domain must be list15:17
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gourACTION has to finish some dvd and this prevents it to learn tryton dev:-/15:44
tekknokrathi, i just try again to create invoices with the current tryton and have a problem that the payment terms are not printed. Any hints?16:21
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tekknokratI tested with invoice status draft/opened. the payment terms are mapped to the party and fiscal year is also defined so preparation is done like described in this german tutorial:
bechamelhere the payment term is printed but 1. the report not open in readonly mode and 2. the zoom is set to 142% :-(16:28
bechameltekknokrat: the table with the payment term is empty or completly missing ?16:28
tekknokratbechamel: you mean the description of terms the big box? that contains description text please pay in 14 days blabla...16:31
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tekknokratthe name of payment is "14 days" are whitespaces allowed for names?16:32
bechameltekknokrat: the table is called "Payment Term16:34
bechameland is at the bottom right of the invoice16:34
bechamelit's not printed if the invoice is not openned16:35
tekknokratok in odt this is completely missing.16:35
tekknokratah ok i see in opened invoice it is printed on the first page of the odt16:37
bechamelbtw i just discovered that the issue I've got with the report is because of an old db16:37
tekknokratIs this a technical or fiscal decision to put payment terms only in open invoices16:39
bechameliirc, the report just fetch the receivable account lines to show the payment terms in the report16:41
bechameland this lines are created when the invoice is openned16:42
bechameltekknokrat: btw if the invoice is not openned, the customer doesn't owe you anything16:42
tekknokratok i understand, its only that someone perhaps wants to have a look on the whole invoice just like a preview before you open it and sends it to a customer.16:45
udonotekknokrat: it is a fiscal decision, because you can not calculate the days due and the date to pay without opening an invoice16:45
tekknokratI dont know if its tryton running in ubuntu jaunty but I had problems with the invoice printout and german translation.16:47
tekknokratThe translation wasnt fitting in the border of the frame for taxes.16:48
tekknokratI wonder if dynamic border width in columns would be a solution for this16:49
udonotekknokrat: correct16:49
tekknokratudono: also for the odt template, to avoid space problems before rendering?16:52
udonotekknokrat: specially for the template16:54
udonotekknokrat: are you willing to provide a patched template for the next release?16:55
tekknokratudono: I will play a bit with with the invoice.odt17:01
tekknokratDoes it suffice to change the the odt file in site-packages/trytond/modules/invoice and then restart the tryton server to test the result?17:01
bechameltekknokrat: no need to restart the server17:03
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tekknokratbechamel: ok, so the file is loaded everytime when s.o. generates a report or invoice?17:04
tekknokratbechamel: no caching?17:04
bechameltekknokrat: yes17:04
tekknokratgood to know :)17:04
cedktekknokrat: and don't forget once an invoice is opened, the report is stored in the database17:16
tekknokratcedk: does that mean it is not possible to customise the odt with an open invoice?17:19
cedktekknokrat: yes once opened it can not be changed, it is a legal feature17:20
cedktekknokrat: of course you can still set to null the field invoice_report in table account_invoice with a SQL query17:21
yangoon1   cedk udono bechamel what about payment terms in pro forma invoices? I just don't remember, if they are displayed there?17:22
tekknokratbut this will not reset the state of the invoice, will it?17:22
cedktekknokrat: no17:23
cedkyangoon1: no, only when account lines are generated17:23
yangoon1some companies in Germany use them to make "payment in advance", so of course we would need for such case the payment terms on pro forma as well.17:24
yangoon1ACTION away17:30
cedkyangoon1: it is possible to change the workflow of the invoice to create draft move when setting invoice to proforma17:33
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CIA-2ssena roundup * #1172/Import data fails with : error int() argument must be a string or a number, not 'list':17:46
CIA-2[new] Whenever i try to import data into tryton if fails with the above error. I was testing with simple one for UOM. The test data is attached.17:46
udonoyangoon1: hi, no they are not in there. BTW I have an open task to extract proforma out of account_invoice...17:50
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vengfulsquirrelI don't know anything about macs but in linux the tryton-client creates file in the home directory to remember the host/port, is that possible on the mac's client?  It doesn't seem to be working now but maybe I'm doing something wrong.18:08
CIA-2vengfulsquirrel roundup * #1118/Doc: Explaination of on_change, on_change_with and default for fields.:18:15
CIA-2Added cedk's suggestion and updated diff to a more recent trunk revision.18:15
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MarkusBvengfulsquirrel, I heard, you are working on a Production Module für Tryton18:22
vengfulsquirrelMarkusB: I just did a lot of planning the actually code hasn't made much progress in a while, but it will happen eventually.18:24
MarkusBany idea how long it will take?18:24
MarkusBvengfulsquirrel, can i help you?18:25
vengfulsquirrelMarkusB: Do you have a business that needs it ?18:26
vengfulsquirrelGreat, yeah there was a shortage of use-cases and my business is kind of out of the ordinary so I was having trouble.18:28
vengfulsquirrelMarkusB: Is your business build/make-to-order?18:35
MarkusBvengfulsquirrel, what do you mean with build/make-to-order?18:37
vengfulsquirrelMarkusB: First you receive an order, THEN you produce the product with the specifications in the order.  Versus for example you produce some quantity of a product with anticipation of future customer demand for that product.18:39
CIA-2Mathias Behrle <> default * 1400:37f5b7940693 tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): Update translation for de_DE18:40
MarkusBah, ok. No, I build products for Stock, no customer specific products18:40
CIA-2Mathias Behrle <> default * 354:5e000d2a0a8b website/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/tryton.po: Update translation for de18:42
MarkusBI also have some Kits. None assembled Electronic Parts18:43
MarkusBvengfulsquirrel, here is an example
MarkusBvengfulsquirrel, this is an example for a complete product
vengfulsquirrelMarkusB:  So are you most interested in the modeling of your Bill Of Materials   ?  Or what do you see from a production module ?18:48
jerojasrohi all. I'm having a small problem with a module I'm writing. Installing it works fine, but the server doesn't reload itself after I modify its .py file (I have to stop it and start it again). What might be happening?18:49
jerojasroI'm getting something like this
jerojasroand that appears every time I modify and save my module (the .py) file18:50
MarkusBvengfulsquirrel, currently I'm assembling myself. But in the future i will outsource the production.18:51
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MarkusBvengfulsquirrel, first time a simple BOM handling would be enough18:53
Timitosjerojasro: for me reload of modules is working.18:55
jerojasroTimitos: I've checked in another PC with tryton installed, and the same module gets reloaded properly18:56
jerojasroso I'm thinking that maybe I have an issue with the server's config18:56
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roysgood evening :)18:59
vengfulsquirrelMarkusB: That was in my first round of features but that has't happened yet, did you see the document ?19:00
vengfulsquirrelroys: good evening19:00
roysguys, is there a reason tryton client is using custom icons? i mean, not using those from current gtk theme?19:01
vengfulsquirrelMarkusB: I don't have time right now but yeah if you wanted to further discuss your needs next week that would help move it along.  Another guy was interested in the module but then he dissappeared for reasons I don't know and then I found a way to postpone it for my business.19:02
MarkusBvengfulsquirrel, currently i'm trying a module from Ian Wilson (is this you?)19:04
carlosroys: I guess cedk or bechamel are the ones able to answer that question19:14
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royscarlos: thanks, i was just wondering since i found tryton as an alternative to openerp and it didn't fit my theme, not a big deal though19:21
Timitosroys: maybe it is because of the one click versions of the client for windows and for mac19:24
udonoroys: hi, you don't like tango icons?19:27
udonoroys: are you an icon designer?19:28
roysudono: naah, i guess i just got used to folders being orange :D19:29
udonoroys: :-) I just request, because there could some need for some special Icon19:31
roysudono: is there a list of such icons... i mean artwork tryton needs?19:39
vengfulsquirrelMarkusB: Yes but I don't think it does anything it was just a prototype of the model.19:46
udonoroys: discussion was long time ago... maybe in the issuetracker or mailinglist19:47
MarkusBvengfulsquirrel, I will take a look.19:48
MarkusBI'll let you know, if I need something I can't handle myself19:49
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jerojasroI have a view, showing some records that fulfill certain condition (handled through 'domain'), and a wizard, which, after processing a record, has changed it in such way that it doesn't belong in the list presented in the view. However, the view doesn't refresh itself automatically, and after finishing the wizard it is in an inconsistent state (showing a record that no longer fulfills the "domain" condition)22:18
jerojasrorefreshing manually the view works fine. so, my question is: how can I force the refreshing of the view after my wizard finishes?22:19
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