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CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 1440:c52ce3d97868 tryton/ (5 files in 4 dirs): Move tryton-icon.png into tryton folder00:01
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 349:9cae7af7dce9 gentoo-overlay/dev-python/relatorio/ (ChangeLog Manifest relatorio-0.5.2.ebuild): Version bump00:25
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 350:644e32ab3b5c gentoo-overlay/dev-python/relatorio/ (ChangeLog Manifest relatorio-0.5.2.ebuild): Fix license00:26
CIA-3C?dric Krier <> default * 2092:24a71ddc7821 trytond/trytond/model/ Fix search_read for issue125700:29
CIA-3ced roundup * #1257/can't do a search_read with field like 'field.rec_name': [resolved] Fix with changeset 24a71ddc782100:30
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yangooncedk: iphone now available13:50
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CIA-3carlos roundup * #1279/Problem while creating a new event from Thunderbird: [invalid] It's not easy for me to upgrade it to 2.0.12, but I did an upgrade to 2.0.8-0ubuntu2 and seems like it works now.14:16
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essichHow to switch my repo-clone from 1.2 to 1.4? Including the modules, of course :-)14:40
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carlosessich, I think is better if you download directly the 1.4 version instead of convert your current tree15:36
gouri'm not overly happy how the forest extension works here...i know i've flakey internet connection (mobile 3g), but it's not easy to keep in sync15:39
gour'cause i've to run 'hg recover' too often :-/15:40
gouressich: otherwise, i'm just pulling from the trunk, no switch15:40
essichcarlos: I do not like direct download. Since this would add just another useless clone to my filesystem.15:43
carlosessich, you can remove the old one later15:43
essichgour: pulling from trunk only works for develoment versions.15:43
essichcalors: But I do not need my own clone/copy. It would be plain uselsse and only add complexity15:44
carlosessich, I'm confused ,don't you have already your own copy for 1.2?15:45
essichcarlos: Why sould I need a *unchanged* copy of 1.2? It would identical to the repos at So why should I need one?15:46
carlosessich, dude, we are not understanding each other15:46
carlosat least, I 'm not understanding your problem15:46
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essichcarlos: I'm using a staged environment for production: stage (for integtration), test (for testing ;-) and production (on the production server.15:50
essichcarlos: So the upgrade from 1.2 to 1.4 will be pulled into stage first.15:50
essichcarlos: why should I use another pre-stage, which is simply a copy of hg.tryton.org15:51
carlosok, and I'm suggesting to get a new tree for 1.4 and then, remove the 1.2 one15:51
carlosfrom the mercurial point of view15:51
carlosnot from your different enviroments point of view15:51
essichcarlos: Don't understand, sounds to be more work15:52
carlosessich, Well it's a single script execution + an rm for the old tree ;-)15:52
gouressich: just do something like hg clone etc.15:53
carlos is a better option, but it relies on the forest extension15:54
essichcarlos: Of course I know I'm the author15:55
carlosessich, ;-)15:55
essichcarlos: As far as I understood you, you are suggestng to add another copy/clone of which contains 1.4.15:56
essichcarlso: and from there I sould update my staging environment?15:57
carlosthat substitute your current 1.2 tree15:57
carlosif I'm understanding you correctly15:57
carlosessich, if what you want is a hg command that allows you to convert your current 1.2 branch into a 1.4 branch15:58
carlosI don't know whether such command exists15:58
carlosthat's also why I'm suggesting to do the new clone15:58
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essichcarlos: Yes, this is exactly what I want.15:59
essichcarlos :-(15:59
essichcarlos: Just found this:
CIA-3htgoebel roundup * #1292/tryton-dev: Use absolute path for mercurial extensions (patch):16:34
CIA-3[new] When using a relative path to the mercurial extensions, these can only be used when current directory is the "correct" one.16:34
CIA-3Enclosed plea ...16:34
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CIA-3mgaz roundup * #1287/IntegrityError: null value in column "window" violates not-null constraint:19:04
CIA-31. Install the Tryton server on Ubuntu19:04
CIA-32. Install the Tryton Client on Ubuntu19:04
CIA-33. Create a database and go through the wizard19:04
CIA-34. Install the Try ...19:04
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CIA-3FWiesing roundup * #1271/Unable to print out accounts: The server is on an Debian-Evironment 5.03 Lenny also 1 Client on this machine. There is one more client on windows7 which uses the tryton-instal ...23:21

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