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CIA-3FWiesing roundup * #1271/Unable to print out accounts: I changed the lines in the tryton folder in the - but there is no change. I get the same result - sorry! Am Montag, den 02.11.2009, 22: ...00:08
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CIA-40matb roundup * #1293/Client ergonomy: sequence of field focus on views:13:50
CIA-40[new] I want to discuss with this issue an ergonomic feature I am currently missing:13:50
CIA-40E.g. when creating a sales order keyboard users are bound to ...13:50
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CIA-40carlos roundup * #1294/Improve exception error dialog:18:30
CIA-40[new] Today, I saw and I think it would be a really good addition to Tryton.18:30
CIA-40Basic ...18:30
CIA-40matb roundup * #1294/Improve exception error dialog:18:35
CIA-40[chatting] Looks great!18:35
CIA-40Just wondering, if inspection of variables could be used to get some unauthorized information? Could it be made configurable?18:35
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CIA-40carlos roundup * #1294/Improve exception error dialog:19:02
CIA-40Well, it's only visible to the user that gets the problem, so I don't see it as a big deal...19:02
CIA-40If it's going to be send later to roundup, we may ...19:02
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CIA-40matb roundup * #1294/Improve exception error dialog: Since it needs modification on the server side, you can probably see more than just with pdb and the client.19:52
CIA-40carlos roundup * #1294/Improve exception error dialog:20:11
CIA-40Hmmm, you mean because it may bypass the access rules?20:11
CIA-40Maybe, however, I guess is a matter of limiting what the user can do, or even activate i ...20:11
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yangooncedk: roundup currently sends From: Username  <, g>@tycho.b2ck.com21:57
cedkyangoon: ???21:58
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cedkyangoon: need complete header22:15
CIA-40ced roundup * #1294/Improve exception error dialog:22:20
CIA-40I think it could be a serious security issue.22:20
CIA-40You can not know what will be in the variables, sometimes it can be sensitive information.22:20
CIA-40As you ...22:20
cedkyangoon: I think it is because of the non-ascii char in the name22:23
yangooncedk perhaps, but yours is correct22:23
cedkyangoon: perhaps carlos send email and his emails are wrong22:29
cedkyangoon: I don't know who adds @tycho.b2ck.com22:32
yangooncedk: yes, I just see that this is just unconfigured behaviour also with your name22:33
yangooncedk: perhaps roundup doesn't clean up and postfix rewrites?22:35
yangooncedk: on 30 Apr 2009 I have Carlos Perelló Marín <>22:38
yangooncedk: it appears first time at 10 Jun 200922:39
yangooncedk it was a roundup update from 1.4.4 to 1.4.822:40
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CIA-40carlos roundup * #1294/Improve exception error dialog: As I said, the most interesting part of this is for development purposes, so even if we don't manage to secure it, it's quite helpful for develope ...23:25

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