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CIA-40C?dric Krier <> default * 368:1e3b34e63c3e website/ (6 files in 5 dirs): Add Tryton Labs12:43
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cedkikks: could you send me the po files? I will do some test13:02
ikksHi cedk, they are here ->
cedkikks: ok, it is only trytond13:04
ikksyep, it's not the website, it's just the docs13:05
cedkikks: there is also docs in modules13:06
cedkikks: I don't know yet if it is good to have the rst files in the repository13:07
ikksfor now the user base is capable to translate the rst and have it synced13:09
ikksI don't see an easy tool to let someone translate docs, strings yes, bud docs no :(13:10
cedkikks: don't understand13:12
ikksmhh, if we do not have rst files, everything would be in .po?13:13
ikksor which other approach would it be?13:13
cedkikks: having po and rst files is a duplication of data13:14
cedkikks: rst file must never been edited, only generated from po file13:14
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ikksthe original file "english version" is easier to maintain in english, and have a tool to generate the .po so the translators only work with the .po13:17
cedkikks: yes it is the current workflow13:17
ikksI guess the process have no problem, the missing translations is due more to the translators that do not have initiated the process13:21
ikksI guess if one language starts to translate all the docs13:22
ikksall the other languages will become translated13:22
ikksSo I'll talk to juanfer to start the work on translating the module docs13:22
ikksThis way for 1.6 we would have the module docs translated too13:23
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yangoonikks: there are errors in english docs of modules13:24
yangoonikks: you will have to retranslate all docs as soon as they should be fixed13:24
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ikksmhh, so first we should start fixing those docs13:25
yangoonikks: which wouldn't be a problem, if we had the correct interface13:25
ikksfor now fixing the rst is easy13:26
ikksI mean the original english rst13:26
yangoonikks: we don't have a comfortable tool. that is what I am speaking of in my mails to google groups.13:26
yangoonikks: yes, that's always easy13:27
ikksyangoon what would be the most comfortable tool to work with?13:27
yangoonikks: it doesn't exist so far;) or I didn't detect it at least...13:28
ikksjejeje, I'm afraid all the present tools have a lot of quirks13:28
yangoonwe need some markup of the changes, that have occured since last translation13:28
ikksDebian manual installation translation shows something like13:30
yangoonikks: are you familiar with translation process in debian13:30
ikksIt does not have a comfortable tool either13:30
ikkson the translated language we have in comment the author the last date and the version translated13:30
ikksone only translate docbook like files13:31
ikksand on this rst are a lot better, xml is not for human rst really IS13:32
ikksI find hard even to have the correct description of a software to maintain book translation with easy interfaces13:34
yangoonikks: kbabel is very good for this, since it provides the possibilty to compare old and new po13:41
yangoonbut it depends of course on KDE, so cannot be a general tool13:42
yangoonI am just searching for another possibility...13:43
yangoonit could be possible to put the wdiff of old.po to new.po into the comments of temp.po13:45
yangoonafter translation of temp.po comments could be stripped from the file and temp.po copied to new.po13:46
yangoonso at least with poedit we could have a look at the comments to see what really changed in the string13:47
yangoonwill have to check this later...13:48
CIA-40Mathias Behrle <> default * 369:5bdc47bd514e website/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/tryton.po: Update translation for de14:02
cedkI think diff for change in po file can be done with hg14:09
cedkand hg can be configured to use any kind of diff tool14:10
cedkso the guy who wants to have wdiff can use it14:10
cedkikks: do you think you need two separate translation for spanish and colombia?14:21
ikkscedk, at the beginning probably not, but we have words really different for the same concept on Spain and Colombia :(14:22
ikksIf we mention here "aldebaran" no one would understand :(14:22
ikksso rethinking, better es-es and es-co14:23
cedkikks: website has one es14:24
ikksThe website is ok because there are not so many technical things on accounting side(where we differ the most in terminology)14:24
cedkikks: we should decide if it must have one or many spanish documentations14:27
ikksI would say www only one, but modules , tryton and trytond not, maybe Carlos could have a different idea on this.14:28
ikkswww (language) .   modules, tryton , trytond doc (language-country)14:29
cedkit is more logical to keep the same code than for the other translation of Tryton14:29
cedkikks: I made the configuration for trytond14:31
cedkikks: you can push translation under doc/es_CO/14:32
cedkikks: I update the wiki page to explain which files to submit14:36
cedkit is *.pot, es_CO/*.po and es_CO/*.rst14:36
cedkbut rst file must be only generated by the po14:37
CIA-40SilverFox1971 roundup * #1312/res = self.cursor.execute(sql): [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/protocols/", line 47, in run res = dispatch(host, port, 'NetRPC', *msg) F ...14:38
CIA-40ced roundup * #1312/res = self.cursor.execute(sql): [need-eg] We need the SQL query from the server log.14:41
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CIA-40SilverFox1971 roundup * #1312/res = self.cursor.execute(sql):14:48
CIA-40This error occurs when loading a trigger table in postgresql14:48
CIA-40"unterminated dollars-quoted string"14:48
CIA-40This bug is old postgresql versions to 8.1, b ...14:48
CIA-40SilverFox1971 roundup * #1312/res = self.cursor.execute(sql):14:51
CIA-40[Sat Nov 21 19:41:21 2009] INFO:modules:account_ru:loading triggers/total.sql14:51
CIA-40[Sat Nov 21 19:41:21 2009] ERROR:sql:Wrong SQL: CREATE OR REPLACE F ...14:51
CIA-40ced roundup * #1312/res = self.cursor.execute(sql): Please give the SQL query.14:52
CIA-40ced roundup * #1312/res = self.cursor.execute(sql): [invalid] account_ru is not part of Tryton.14:54
CIA-40SilverFox1971 roundup * #1312/res = self.cursor.execute(sql): Yes you are right, I develop this module for Russia because we have a different accounting standard14:59
ikkscedk I'll review it, I pull and be pushing, I got to go, thanks :)รง15:04
CIA-40ced roundup * #1312/res = self.cursor.execute(sql):15:07
CIA-40You should avoid using .sql file.15:07
CIA-40The feature is not used anywhere in Tryton and could be removed in future release.15:07
CIA-40SilverFox1971 roundup * #1313/Message deleting record in tryton-client:16:00
CIA-40[new] Make two types of messages when you delete records from the list view and a form.16:00
CIA-401. "Are you sure to remove this record?" - When you are i ...16:00
CIA-40ced roundup * #1313/Message deleting record in tryton-client:16:31
CIA-40[invalid] It doesn't make sense to delete a form.16:31
CIA-40You always delete records.16:31
CIA-40SilverFox1971 roundup * #1313/Message deleting record in tryton-client: When you are in the simplest form of consent, and when you're in the form of subordinated notes, the user can accidentally delete the form instead ...16:52
CIA-40ced roundup * #1313/Message deleting record in tryton-client: Changing the terms will not fix anythings as you can have a form in a one2many16:54
CIA-40SilverFox1971 roundup * #1313/Message deleting record in tryton-client: The icons in the subordinate list are very small, just by doing testing your system Tryton, several times wrong and removes all form16:55
CIA-40ced roundup * #1313/Message deleting record in tryton-client:17:55
CIA-40Here is a proposition for a patch to add Delete shortcut on one2many:17:55
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CIA-40ced roundup * #1312/res = self.cursor.execute(sql):21:09
CIA-40By the way, could you explain what is specific to Russian accounting on the mailing list?21:09
CIA-40We could perhaps improve Tryton with your remarks.21:09
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