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gourcedk: hiya, here is one interesting comment about twisted from the hacker who wrote offlineimap (which i regularly use) -
cedkgour: there is not so much arguments11:38
gourcedk: well, just the experience :-)11:38
gourofflineimap is old piece of software and performs well11:39
cedkpanthera: hi, I see that the tryton-client on Debian have a recommends for python-openssl but tryton client don't use this lib11:39
cedkgour: I know, I use it11:40
cedkgour: experience doesn't convience me especially when the conter-argument is to use an other language11:40
gourcedk: heh...state of email is still not in the best shape when we have to use stuff like offlineimap11:40
gourcedk: don't forget he is one of the authors of Real World Haskell and maintains several Haskell when you experience haskell's type system, it's not easy to go back :-)11:41
gourcedk: anyway, according to thread there is someone enthusiastic to do twitter port11:42
cedkyes, I still think that twisted is the best choice today11:51
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CIA-13C?dric Krier <> default * 165:4619772b01cf company/ Fix typo12:48
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pantheracedk: ack; i'll have a look later.13:35
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CIA-13tekknokrat roundup * #1322/invoice date not printed:19:35
CIA-13[new] The invoice.odt uses the following statement for the invoice date.19:35
CIA-13> <if test="invoice.invoice_date">19:35
CIA-13> Date: <formatLang(invoice.invo ...19:35
CIA-13C?dric Krier <> default * 393:600266162fc4 account_invoice/invoice.odt: Fix if statement for invoice_date in odt report for issue132220:05
CIA-13ced roundup * #1322/invoice date not printed: [resolved] Fix with changeset 600266162fc420:05
pantheracedk: where can i find the sourcecode for the irclog bot?20:07
pantherai'm interested to run an instance (for another channel).20:08
cedkpanthera: I can send you20:11
pantheracedk: that would be great, thank you very much.20:11
cedkpanthera: it is based on irclog2html and I use ii as irc client20:12
cedkpanthera: sended20:15
cedkpanthera: you will see it is a set of scripts20:15
pantheracedk: it takes a while, d.o does greylisting.20:16
cedkpanthera: it seems it is 300 seconds, I will flush the queue in 5 mins20:18
pantherano hurry ;)20:18
cedkpanthera: sent20:22
pantheracedk: recieved :)20:23
pantheracedk: the things that are from you, may i use this under gpl-2 (as irclog original scripts)?20:25
cedkpanthera: yes no problem20:26
cedkpanthera: I don't put license when it will be bigger than the code :-)20:28
pantherame too, i put a 'public domain' sentence in it.20:29
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